Capt. Leslaw Konarzewski of Ziemia Gnieznienska

Captain Leslaw Konarzewski (above) brought the Ziemia Gnieznienska into port on May 28, 2003. That ship should be at anchor off the Duluth piers by now, waiting for a berth to load durum wheat for Morocco. Captain Konarzewski is probably not aboard on this trip, but the picture above shows him sitting in the ship’s office during that trip in 2003. When I asked the Captain during that visit what the meaning of the ship’s name was, he pointed to the wall hanging behind him. He told me it was the city of Gnieznienska, the first capital of Poland. He added that Ziemia means around a city. We hope the captain and crew make it into port this trip. The Captain told me he had the same ship at anchor off the Duluth piers in 1999. While at anchor, the ship’s orders were changed. He lifted his anchor and left, without ever getting into port.
*submitted to the Duluth News Tribune for publication on 08-21-2006