Ziemia Cieszynska waits to load

The Polish owned and operated Ziemia Cieszynska was high in the water on Monday morning (above) as it waited to take on a cargo of spring wheat and durum wheat to take to Antwerp, Belgium. This is the second trip to the Great Lakes for the ship this season. After Antwerp, they will load steel coils in the Netherlands to bring back to the Great Lakes for their 3rd and last trip of the season, probably discharging that cargo in Cleveland, Burns Harbor and Milwaukee. After that, they will return to Lake Superior, loading grain either at Duluth Superior or Thunder Bay. Photo taken on October 01, 2007.
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Ziemia Cieszynska in early morning light

It’s the time of the year when you can go down to the Lake in the early morning and take some good sunrise pictures and still get your sleep and be warm. In the summer, sunrise is too early; in the winter, sunrise is too cold. Saturday morning might have been the best. The Ziemia Cieszynska cooperated by arriving off the Duluth piers on Friday evening so it would be there when the sun appeared. At least 4 people were under the North pier light as the sun came up (above). The Ziemia Cieszynska is waiting for the Redhead to complete loading wheat at AGP. The Ziemia Cieszynska will follow the Redhead there, loading both durum wheat and spring wheat for Antwerp, Belgium. Photo taken on September 29, 2007.
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Ziemia Cieszynska welcomed to port

The Ziemia Cieszynska came in early yesterday morning and should depart with durum wheat for Italy later today. After that, the ship will move to a shipyard, probably in Bulgaria, for routine inspection in dry dock. Above left, ship captain Jan Jarosz from Poland watches over the first ship welcoming ceremonies in the pilot house on Tuesday. With him is Scott Hilleren, from Guthrie-Hubner, the local agent for the ship.
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Ziemia Cieszynska: First saltwater ship of 2006

Arrived: April 4, 2006 at 3:29 am
ziemiacieszynska-260404-1-006The Marshall Islands-flagged Ziemia Cieszynska was the first saltwater ship of the 2006 season, arriving at 3:29 in the morning of April 4, 2006. She loaded about 18,000 tons of durum wheat at Superior’s CHS grain elevator that she carried to Italy.
ziemiacieszynska260404-1-039Port dignitaries held a welcoming ceremony for Captain Jan Jarosz from Poland. Here Gene Shaw at left, from Visit Duluth, welcomed Captain Jarosz at right. The winner of the First Ship contest guessed 1:06 a.m. on April 4, the actual arrival was  3:29 am. There were about 2,000 entries from 16 states in addition to Minnesota in this year’s contest.
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Ziemia Cieszynska, first saltie of season

The last big first of this shipping season probably happened early this morning when the first salt water ship of the season, the Ziemia Cieszynska, was due to come under the bridge. Built in Turkey in 1992, the ship is operated by the Polish Steamship Company in Szczecin, Poland. The vessel made stops in Cleveland and Burns Harbor before coming up to the Twin Ports. It was also the first salt water ship to arrive in the Burns Harbor port. Above, the ship is getting a tug assist last July as it was moving between two docks. The Courtney Burton should be departing the Twin Ports today with a cargo of wheat for Buffalo, a route it took over when the Kinsman Independent was retired several years ago.
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Ziemia Cieszynska

The Ziemia Cieszynska was here in July and like many salt water ships, used the services of a couple tug boats to make the dock. Above, the tugs are turning the ship so that it can be moved into the berth at Cargill. Built in 1992, the ship is operated by the Polish Steamship Company and has also sailed as the Lake Carling.
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