Wilfred Sykes one of the beauties


The Wilfred Sykes arrived off the Superior piers yesterday and dropped anchor to wait for the Adam E. Cornelius to complete loading taconite at the Burlington Northern Dock in Superior. Like the two boats mentioned here yesterday, the Sykes is seldom seen and when it is here, it is cold. But the Sykes has taken seldom seen too far. The last time it was in the Twin Ports was in December, 1997. Above, it is departing Duluth on December 22nd, 1997. Continuing with the seldom seen trend, it stayed at anchor off the Superior piers until dark, and (presumably) came into port when the Adam E. Cornelius finished (presumably), late last night. It may leave shortly after the sun comes up this morning.

*submitted to the Duluth News Tribune for publication on 12-28-2006