Tent on the way, pizza here now!

brad20110613_3521This is day one of Grandma’s Marathon week. As of noon today (Monday, June 13, 2011), the Grandma’s Marathon tent is not up but Brad Erickson has his new Vitta Pizza place up and running; it is day one and you can find him and his Neapolitan Style, 97-seconds from his oven to your table, pizza now. If you try to buy a book at Northern Lights Books and Gifts you will find him instead as Anita has moved on to other things, including the Gift Shop on the lower level of the Maritime Museum down by the Lift Bridge. She brought her impressive collection of books on shipping with her. Brad and his delicious pizza, with outdoor seating, can now be found at 307 Canal Park Drive. Buy a book at the Gift Shop and then go get a pizza and sit outside and read and eat. (Click pic to see pic big)