Sister ships pass in the afternoon

The Victoriaborg departed Duluth at 2:50 on the afternoon of November 15, 2013 after loading a cargo of grain at Gavilon (formerly Peavey). As she went through the Duluth ship canal, you can see her sister ship, the Virginiaborg, at anchor waiting to come in to load beet pulp pellets at the General Mills dock in Duluth. Both ships are 433 feet long; the Virginiaborg has been … [Read more...]

Virginiaborg getting beet pulp pellets

Anders Gilbertson and his daughter Andrea took this picture of the Virginiaborg on April 30, 2012 while she was loading beet pulp pellets at the General Mills terminal in Duluth. Notice the Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge in the background on right side. Thanks to both of you. As of today (Tuesday, May 1), she is still here and may not depart until sometime on Wednesday. … [Read more...]

Virginiaborg docked at General Mills

The Dutch flagged Virginiaborg is expected in port today to load beet pulp pellets at General Mills in Duluth. Although more salt water traffic is expected later this month, the Virginiaborg is the first foreign flagged ship this month. We only had 7 in October. The Virginiaborg was constructed in Romania and then towed through the Black Sea, across the Mediterranean Sea and up … [Read more...]

Virginiaborg at dock

The Dutch flagged Egbert Wagenborg arrived here for the first time on October 22, 1998. Egbert Wagenborg the man arrived aboard the Virginiaborg for the first time in October, 2002. Mr. Wagenborg is retired from the Wagenborg company. The boat was named after his father, the founder of Wagenborg Shipping in the Netherlands. The Virginiaborg will be here today, presumably … [Read more...]