Vechtborg enters Duluth ship canal

The Dutch flagged Vechtborg will be here today for only the 4th time since it was built in 1998. Above, it is coming into port in 2005. It will load beet pulp pellets. Today, we will see one other Dutch flagged ship, 2 Canadian flagged and 3 US flagged boats. They will load taconite, coal and grain. No cargo will be discharged in the port today. In September, we loaded 975,736 tons of cargo to Canadian boats and discharged only 41,854 tons. We shipped out 2,886,096 tons of cargo on US flagged boats and discharged only 447,588 tons from US flagged boats. The salt water traffic was similar. We loaded 508,194 tons of cargo and only discharged 6,681 tons from foreign flagged vessels. Our imports are mostly limestone, cement, wind turbine blades and other general cargo. Photo taken on October 11, 2005
*submitted to the Duluth News Tribune for publication on 11-21-2007