The Varnebank, here for her 10th trip

Listen to her whistle as she left the Twin Ports: The Varnebank departed Duluth today (November 11, 2011) after loading beet pulp pellets that will be used for animal feed in Europe. … [Read more...]

Varnebank loading in Duluth harbor

Two Dutch ships will be here today to load beet pulp pellets from North Dakota. The Vancouverborg is making its 16th trip to the Twin Ports today, the first this season. It was built in 2001. The Varnebank is making its 3rd trip this year. Above, the Varnebank is departing Duluth on October 3rd, 2002 after the 1st of its 8 visits here since it was built in 2000. Beet pulp … [Read more...]

Varnebank loads beet pulp pellets

After stops in Cleveland and Burns Harbor to discharge general cargo, the Varnebank arrived in Duluth on Wednesday morning. It is now loading beet pulp pellets from North Dakota that the ship will take to Spain where the pellets are used for animal feed. The American Integrity arrived last night to load coal for Consumers Energy's Cobb power plant at Muskegon, Michigan. It is … [Read more...]

Varnebank will load beet pulp pellets

The Dutch flagged Varnebank will be here today to discharge a cargo of lumber. After completing that, it will then load beet pulp pellets as a return cargo to Europe. *submitted to the Duluth News Tribune for publication on 05-03-2005 … [Read more...]

Varnebank is Dutch

The Dutch flagged Varnebank loaded wood pulp in Finland and sailed the Atlantic Ocean to the St. Lawrence Seaway and finally to Menominee, Michigan, where it was discharged. The ship then left Menominee for Duluth to load beet pulp pellets that will be used for animal feed in Spain. The ship should be arriving today. The Varnebank was not here at all last year, but it made two … [Read more...]