LSW and Tatjana exchange wind turbine blades

That’s Lake Superior Warehousing Company’s lead stevedore, Tim Rogers, watching over the activity there on Friday morning. That’s the German flag flying in front of the US flag in honor of the cargo coming off the Tatjana yesterday. Behind Rogers, the last of 3 wind turbine blades is discharged from the ship to a waiting trailer. The blade is part of one wind turbine shipped here on the Tatjana from Rostock, Germany, by Nordex, a German company that builds wind turbines around the world, although this will be the first one they will build in the United States. The wind turbine will be taken by truck to Hewitt, Minnesota and should be operational in June. Minnesota Power will be the exclusive user of the electrical power generated by the wind turbines there. The Tatjana also carried steel products in its cargo hold, some of which was discharged in Hamilton. The rest of the steel will be discharged in Chicago. That’s where they were headed when they departed last night. When done there, they will return to Duluth to load grain. Photo taken on May 18, 2007.
*submitted to the Duluth News Tribune for publication on 05-19-2007

Tatjana at work in Twin Ports

The Beluga Indication should be arriving here this morning to load soybeans. It may leave before the day is over. This ship is part of the I-series of ships in the Beluga Group, a shipping company located in Bremen, Germany. It was built in 2000. Two other sisters, the Beluga Inspiration and the Beluga Independence, were both built in 2001. None of these ships have ever been here. The Beluga Endurance was here in September, 2005. You may guess which Series it belongs to. It has many sisters, all built within the last 3 years. They are the Beluga – Evaluation, Expectation, Energy, Enterprise, Endeavour, Eternity, Emotion, Efficiency and the Beluga Elegance. There are 4 ships in the P Series. They will be built in 2009.  Above, the Tatjana was discharging steel coils on Sunday night.
[Many changes have come to the Beluga Fleet in 2011.]
*submitted to the Duluth News Tribune for publication on 10-17-2006

Tatjana in icy fog

The Tatjana will be here today to load steel coils at the Port Terminal. Built in 2000 and only 424 feet long, it is making its second visit to the Twin Ports. The first was last December (above) when it loaded grain. With one exception, the ship has always been called Tatjana. For a period in 2002, it was called the TMC Brazil. On this trip, the ship has been in the St. Lawrence Seaway System since October 3rd, discharging steel coils in Burns Harbor and then Milwaukee before sailing to Duluth. Of course, weather, as it has for 3 days, may alter any shipping activity today.
*submitted to the Duluth News Tribune for publication on 10-14-2006