Tall Ships 2016 Day 2

Still an overcast day (August 19, 2016) but no rain so far. The lines are long; above, waiting to board the El Galeon Andalucia. Below, the Abbey Road entertains the crowd in front of the DECC.
Above and below, When and If takes folks for a nice ride around the harbor, passing by the back end of the Duck, who has been at Bayfront Park most of the day.
Below, on Thursday, the Duck stays close to it’s good friend the tug Helen H. while she watches the tall ships arrive under the Lift Bridge.
Above looking through the masts of El Galeon Andalucia. Below, When and If is out for a ride, passing the Duck, now at Bayfront Park. Behind them is the new resort in town, Pier B.
Above, the Denis Sullivan takes a bunch for a ride while below the Mist of Avalon hosts visitors from her berth at the DECC. Bottom, the Zeeto gives visitors another chance to check out a tall ship.

Mist of Avalon, an early arrival to Tall Ships Duluth

The tall ship Mist of Avalon arrived Duluth this morning (August 16, 2016) and is now docked at the DECC, very close to where she will be when Tall Ships Duluth begins on Thursday. She was built as a fishing vessel in Nova Scotia in 1967. After 20 years chasing cod off the Banks of Nova Scotia and Newfoundland and as the cod were diminishing in number and the ship itself was showing wear and tear, she was docked in Halifax in 1987 for an unknown future. In 1992, that future became clear when Captain George Mainguy began the job of converting her from a North Atlantic motor vessel to a Grand Banks schooner. In 1997, she went back to work as the Mist of Avalon. Since then she has done what she is doing in Duluth this week, appearing at Maritime festivals. She has appeared in films, and stands ready for more. She also provides training in navigation by sail and in education using her rich history within the real live classroom.

Past visits of tall ships to Duluth

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Tall Ship Niagara still popular

The tall ship Niagara is the only one left but it will be moving around a lot before leaving later this afternoon. It is expected to leave port, presumably under the Lift Bridge, around 9 am this morning for a day sail and return early this afternoon. It is then expected to depart for a final time later this afternoon. Above, it is departing for a day sail on Monday. There are still lots of people around to watch it. In between the Niagara’s comings and goings, the John B. Aird will come and then go with coal and the Pineglen will go, with taconite fines. Photo taken on August 04, 2008
*submitted to the Duluth News Tribune for publication on 08-05-2008

Tall Ships greeted by huge crowd

The big news on Thursday was the arrival of the three tall ships, the Pride of Baltimore II, the Niagara and the Madeline. Next in line in the big news department were the thousands of people who lined every inch of the ship canal and especially the prime location on the porch of the Marine Museum just in front of the Lift Bridge. The view of the people from the Pride of Baltimore II (above) was almost as exciting as the view of us from the porch. The Madeline was just in front of the Pride and the Niagara follow behind the Pride. Photo taken on July 31, 2008
*submitted to the Duluth News Tribune for publication on 08-01-2008