Cort arrives Duluth

The seldom seen (in Duluth) but always welcome Stewart J. Cort arrived Duluth early Wednesday afternoon on her way over to BNSF to load iron ore pellets.

Nice sight passing in Duluth harbor this morning

At 7:30 this morning (September 13, 2016), the rarest Duluth arriving boat was coming in when the prettiest Duluth departing boat was doing just that. The Stewart J. Cort was on her way to load iron ore pellets at the BNSF dock and the Joseph L. Block was departing after discharging limestone and loading some iron ore fines.

Holiday Surprise

The Stewart J. Cort has been loading iron ore pellets at the BNSF in Superior for many years. She is one the most frequent visitors we have and yet, it is only every two or three years that she appears on the horizon and comes under the Lift Bridge as she did today on Labor Day, 2016. She is now waiting for the Burns Harbor to complete loading iron ore pellets there, which should be later tonight.

Happy Sunday in Duluth

While the MarBacan hides behind the South Pier Light, waiting to come in to load grain at Riverside Ag, the CSL Assiniboine was waiting beyond her for the Stewart J. Cort to complete loading iron ore pellets at the BNSF dock. Meanwhile back at the Duluth piers,  visitors were waiting for the Paul R. Tregurtha to make the turn to the Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge, on her way out with 68,000 tons of coal to deliver to the St. Clair power plant of Detroit Edison. All this about 3 pm on August 7, 2016 on a beautiful Duluth summer day.

Cort page update

Click here for the updated Cort page with new pictures, information and a rare video of the Cort departing Duluth

Gott and Cort arrive under Lift Bridge

The Edwin H. Gott arrived Duluth (above) on Friday morning, April 10, 2015 to load iron ore pellets at the CN dock in West Duluth. She was originally scheduled to spend winter layup in Duluth but spent layup in Milwaukee instead. Although owned and operated by Great Lakes Fleet, headquartered in Duluth, she was only here 3 times last year. She spends most of her season loading iron ore pellets in Two Harbors and taking them to Gary. Earlier this  week, the Stewart J. Cort came under the Lift Bridge (left) to get fuel at 2015-0403-716the  Calumet fuel dock at the Port Terminal before going to the BNSF Dock in Superior to load iron ore pellets. That has been her destination for many many years, and since the BNSF is just inside the Superior entry, we seldom see her coming under the Lift Bridge.

Convoy arrived!

20140414-102The convoy of boats led by US and Canadian ice breakers arrived in Duluth early Monday morning, April 14th, 2014. The Stewart J. Cort came under the Lift Bridge at 4:54 and went over to the BN to begin loading iron ore pellets. The St. Clair left port, under the Lift Bridge at 6:15 am, going to the anchorage to wait for the eastbound convoy. At 6:47, the CSL Tadoussac arrived followed by the Mackinaw an hour later. The Sam Laud, here to load iron ore pellets at the CN in Duluth, came under the bridge at 7:54.
At noon on Monday, the St. Clair (above left) was at anchor and next to her, the Algoma Discovery (formerly the Daviken), waited to load iron ore pellets at the BN. And, the Mackinaw, having done her job, was at the DECC, perhaps relaxing for a couple moments.

Cort departs Duluth!!

The Stewart J. Cort is seen here departing Duluth on Sunday, August 25, 2013. She had stopped at the Port Terminal and was going out to the anchorage to wait for the Algowood to complete loading iron ore pellets at the BN, I think. I do know she departed Duluth today, as you can see. Video below, of Cort departure.

Cort visits her many friends in Duluth

The Stewart J. Cort made a rare appearance at the Duluth piers today, April 2, 2012 (above and just below). For more information and pictures about the Cort, click here.

Stewart J. Cort enters the Duluth harbor…

Stewart J. Cort makes a rare appearance in the Duluth harbor
… with a tug assist on her starboard bow. I was quietly doing my weekly radio piece on KUMD when she came by my window. Being very unprofessional, I screamed that I needed to go out and take a picture. I was granted permission, and thus the rare picture of the Cort in Duluth above. For 30 or more years, she has come in the Superior entry to load iron ore pellets at the BN Dock. She comes in the Duluth entry perhaps once every 3 years or so, usually for some kind of repair. Not sure what the problem is here; perhaps a rudder problem since the tug may be assisting her in the turn. She appears to be loaded also. She did depart the Superior entry this morning at 4:08; picture taken at 8:26, 4 hours later. (picture courtesy of Lisa Johnson, of Northland Morning on KUMD, who allowed me to leave her program for the picture). (more on the Cort)

Cort makes rare Duluth entrance

The Stewart J. Cort, the first thousand footer on the Great Lakes, came in the Duluth entry on Tuesday. The boat has made 527 visits to the Twin Ports and only 16 of the visits found it coming in the Duluth entry. The crew seemed happy to be here; they gave several whistles including one that seemed like a tune. We get duck boats such as the Greenwing and the Bluewing and today another whale boat, the Beluga Energy. It is the 6th Beluga ship this season. The Beluga Expectation has been here 3 times, the Beluga Constitution and Elegance 2 times and the Beluga Efficiency and Beluga Formation each one trip. In future years, we may even see these members of the F-Series: the Beluga- Fascination, Flirtation, Fiction and Fantastic. Still others could be the Beluga- Indication, Satisfaction, Advertising, Impression, Locomotion and Legislation. I prefer not to take the Beluga Locomotion out into the Atlantic, or any other ocean. There are many more, but for now, only two more, the Beluga Fairy and Beluga Passion. Photo taken on November 27, 2007
*submitted to the Duluth News Tribune for publication on 11-28-2007