The Gales of November, inside and out

The LSMMA was holding their annual Gales of November get-together inside the DECC, while a gale of November 13th was blowing just outside the door. Here, with winds as high as 45 mph, the  Calliroë Patronicola, on the left, and her sister ship Olympic Mentor, sit quietly off the Duluth piers waiting to come in and load grain. Inside the DECC, one of the presentations was … [Read more...]

Ypermachos crew greets Duluth

The Ypermachos came under the Lift Bridge early Friday evening (above). It is here to load grain at the Cargill elevator in Duluth. The crew was on deck waving to the crowd at the ship canal as they went under bridge. This ship was also in Duluth in early November, 1985 when it was called the Socrates and spent about a week aground just off Park Point. It created quite a … [Read more...]

Ypermachos is her name

If the boats operate as expected today, most of the traffic for the day will come in pairs, early in the day. Between midnight and 2 am, the Algowood will be coming in to replace the Paul R. Tregurtha at Midwest Energy. A couple hours later, the Walter J. McCarthy Jr. will be coming in as the Frontenac is leaving. A couple hours later, the Ypermachos will come in from the … [Read more...]

What’s your name?

The Ypermachos should be arriving off the Duluth piers late this afternoon. It will likely come in on Tuesday morning to load grain at the CHS terminal in Superior. This ship has visited here under four other names, one of them quite memorable. It was the Mecta Sea from 1997 until two years ago. Between 1992 and 1997, it was the Union. The name that is very important to … [Read more...]

Ypermachos passes under Aerial Lift Bridge

The Ypermachos finally came into port last night from the anchorage just off the Duluth piers (above). The ship went over to the Peavey elevator to load spring wheat for Italy. It was better known here in the mid 80's when it was the Socrates and went aground off Park Point. That name certainly gave the ship a nice tradition, but perhaps a bit too smart. The current name in … [Read more...]