Schnabel car makes it to Pittsburgh

The world’s largest rail car is the Schnabel car, or as Bill Bingman, the Schnabelmeister, calls it, the CEBX800. It has spent a large part of its life in Duluth waiting for the few jobs that call for the world’s largest rail car. Engineers are not dumb and they don’t build things that can’t be delivered to the customer, so they don’t build anything bigger than the world’s … [Read more...]


The Edwin H. Gott (background), the most powerful vessel on the Great Lakes, arrived this morning (January 4, 2012) at 7:11. She is here to load fuel and then go over to Burlington Northern to load iron ore pellets. The Schnabel car (foreground) has been in the Twin Ports for several years. She is the largest rail car in the world and will also be leaving Duluth late  this … [Read more...]

The Schnabelmeister comes to town

The world’s largest railcar spends most of its time in Duluth. Occasionally, it has to go to work for a refinery that wants a big, big piece of equipment moved. It is the CEBX Schnabel 800; it is big and red. And it is taken care of by the Schnabelmeister who drops in a couple times a year to check it out, and occasionally to take it away on a long slow trip. He usually brings … [Read more...]

Moving the Schnabel car

Spring time is a time to go outside and get some exercise. It turns out rail road cars also need exercise. The world's largest rail car is the Schnabel, Model CEBX-800. When not in use, it is kept at the Port Terminal. It has been there since it was used to carry a very large piece of equipment from Duluth to an oil sands project in Alberta in December, 2005. William Bingman is … [Read more...]

Schnabel gobble

There is a lot of activity today in the port; too bad for US sailors on a holiday but good for visiting relatives in Duluth. The last of the Canada bound cargo from the Dutch flagged ship Stellaprima was discharged last evening. It will soon be loaded onto the waiting US owned and operated Westinghouse 36-axle Schnabel car, the largest rail car in the world. Above, William … [Read more...]

Stellaprima to Schnabel

It takes a lot of experts (above) to prepare to discharge a thick walled high pressure vessel for the refining industry, one of the largest pieces of equipment to ever move out of the port, from the heavy lift ship Stellaprima onto the 36-axle Schnabel car, the world’s largest capacity railcar. Above, the experts worked out the plans at the Port Authority on Monday. Today, they … [Read more...]