The Schnabelmeister comes to town

The world’s largest railcar spends most of its time in Duluth. Occasionally, it has to go to work for a refinery that wants a big, big piece of equipment moved. It is the CEBX Schnabel 800; it is big and red. And it is taken care of by the Schnabelmeister who drops in a couple times a year to check it out, and occasionally to take it away on a long slow trip. He usually brings it back here when he is finished. He will go out again on Friday, taking his big red rail car down the tracks between I-35 and the St Louis River from Garfield Ave to the Grassy Point bridge and then to Superior. The next day, he will leave for Chicago and up to Toronto. After picking up a 130-foot piece, he will take it, slowly, to a refinery in Kansas, and then hopefully, bring it back here. That’s the Schnabel car above over at the Port Terminal today. And that’s the Schnabelmeister below, directing Zoran Pedisic from Lake Superior Warehousing, while he carefully lifts the Schnabelmeister’s red tool shed onto a rail car that will trail the big one on the trip.