Fire department to the rescue

The Sabrina, the third saltwater ship of the season, came into port to load grain on Monday. While waiting at the Port Terminal for their dock to clear, a crew member working in a cargo hold fell and broke his ankle. The call went out to the Duluth Fire Department. Fire equipment operator Steve Gibson wheeled Tower No. 1 to the Port Terminal. (He is seen above in Tower No. 1 while at the fire station Wednesday.) The tower platform (upper left of picture) carried on the truck is usually raised and used by firefighters to fight a fire but it can also be used to pick up people when there is no other way to move a person out of danger. In this case, the crew had moved the injured man to the deck and the tower on the fire truck was used to pick him up and lower him to the ground where Gold Cross took him to the hospital. Only a month ago, fire fighters had toured the Edwin H. Gott so they would know what situations they might encounter on a boat.
*submitted to the Duluth News Tribune for publication on 04-16-2009

Four ships on their way to the Twin Ports

federalwelland210922-206It has been and probably will be a slow year for shipping in the Twin Ports, and in most ports around the world. We have yet to see a salt water ship this season, but we are about to see 4 of them, all of course coming full steam to win the first ship of the year contest. (Actually the person who guesses what time the first one arrives wins the prize.) The winning ship gets to be greeted by an assortment of port people who will present them with all kinds of good stuff and who will, it is hoped, be ablesabrina270613-1-015 to enjoy some exotic refreshment from the ship’s galley.  The Federal Welland is seen above left, at the AGP elevator in September, 2001. The Welland is the favorite to win now (Friday evening). The Sabrina is seen at right approaching the Duluth ship canal in June, 2007. The Medemborg (below) is also expected on Sunday; she will be loading beet pulp pellets. The Federal Schelde will not be here until Monday. She will be loading iron ore pellets at the Burlington Northern dock in Superior.


Sabrina nearing Duluth ship canal

Each of the last 3 days, the port has welcomed 3 salt water ships that have never been here before. Above, the salt water ship Sabrina came into port on Wednesday afternoon to load wheat for Lisbon, Portugal at CHS in Superior. The Gadwall came into port on Tuesday evening to load beet pulp pellets for Spain at General Mills in Superior. The Hong Hong flagged Gadwall was ending her maiden voyage. Early this morning, the Dutch flagged Umiavut was scheduled to arrive with wind turbine parts loaded in Spain. Photo taken June 13, 2007.
*submitted to the Duluth News Tribune for publication on 06-14-2007