Rebecca here for grain

Five boats will be arriving in Duluth today. Three of them are expected to depart today also. The Rebecca is expected here to load grain and will be here several days. Last year, it was the first salt water ship of the season, coming into port on April 10th (above) with the help of the tug Minnesota on the stern and the North Dakota on the bow. Today, it is still only the second saltie of the … [Read more...]

Rebecca comes to Duluth

Spring can't be too far away if our tugs are bringing salt water ships into port to load grain. The Rebecca was the first saltie of the year, coming in yesterday afternoon. It is now loading grain at the CHS terminal in Superior. Above, the tug Minnesota had the stern of the Rebecca while the North Dakota was at the bow. Salt water ships are built for speed on the oceans and not for navigating … [Read more...]

Rebecca: First saltwater ship of 2007

Arrived: April 10, 2007 at 12:10 pm She loaded grain at CHS in Superior Click here for more about the Rebecca. … [Read more...]