Duluth comings and goings

The Buffalo arrived Duluth at 11:23 on Tuesday evening, September 8, 2015. Above, she departed under the Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge the next morning at 11:00. Below, she is turning in the harbor toward the bridge, on her way to Silver Bay to load iron ore pellets. She will take some of the pellets to the Cleveland Bulk Terminal located at the mouth of the Cuyahoga River in Cleveland. They will then move up the river to the Mittal steel plant to discharge the remainder.
Despite the Maltese flag, the Pilica (above and below) is owned by the Polish Steamship Company. She was built in Poland in 1999 and usually carries a Polish crew. She is loading grain at Riverland Ag (formerly Cargill) on this her 13th visit to the Twin Ports (arriving on September 7th). Time flies when you are getting old; I remember boarding the ship on May 23rd, 2000 when she had just been built and was making her first trip to the St. Lawrence Seaway. Fifteen years ago, it was a thrill to see such a brand new ship. Today, it is fun to welcome her as a seasoned veteran of the Duluth Superior grain trade.
Below, the American Century arrived Duluth on Tuesday evening, September 8, 2015 to load coal at Midwest Energy Resources in Superior. Just above, she departed the next morning  with 68,000 tons of low sulfur coal she will deliver to the St. Clair electrical generation plant of Detroit Edison.

Pilica crew on break

One salt water ship departed yesterday and another one came in from the anchorage (Vancouverborg). Today, we expect 3 more to depart and one new one to arrive. The new arrival is the Pilica, a Polish owned ship that flies a Maltese flag. Launched in 1999, it will be making its 8th trip to the Twin Ports, about one trip a year. It was not here in 1999 but came twice the next year. During the second trip, in July, some of the crew took a moment from work for a photograph (above). The crew was all Polish on that trip. Photo taken on July 26, 2000.
*submitted to the Duluth News Tribune for publication on 09-25-2007

Pilica is Malta flagged

After discharging cargo in Cleveland, the Polish built, crewed and owned Pilica set out for Duluth. It is expected here this evening to load grain. This will be the 6th trip the ship has made to the Twin Ports since it was launched in 1999. It is very computer controlled, running an unattended engine room, except during the day. Photo taken July 23, 2002.
*submitted to the Duluth News Tribune for publication on 10-27-2004