Ice is nice

On Monday, the American Century came into Duluth with a boat load of ice. The salt water ship Orsula can be seen at anchor waiting to come in to load wheat for Italy. On Tuesday she was in and loading wheat at CHS1 in Superior (just below). Ice is the news of the day as you can see in both pictures. Where there is ice, you will often find the Nels J. out breaking the ice. I was on the Orsula … [Read more...]

Orsula at anchor

The Orsula should be at anchor off the Duluth piers as the sun comes up. It is waiting for the Quebecois to finish loading grain at the CHS terminal in Superior. In the picture above, the Croatian flagged ship is at anchor in September, 2006. This is the 15th trip the ship has made to the Twin Ports since 1996, the year it was built as the Federal Calumet. In 1998, it became the Orsula. Photo … [Read more...]

Fun in front of Orsula

The Orsula is a grain boat with a flag and a crew from Croatia, but on Monday afternoon, it provided a fitting background for a last day of summer plunges into Lake Superior. Like the rest of us, the Orsula goes back to work today. It is set to come in early this morning to load flax, wheat and soy beans for the port of Ghent in Belgium. Built in China in 1996 as the Federal Calumet, it was … [Read more...]

Orsula departed Duluth

The Orsula departed the Duluth ship canal as the Vista King came in on August 19, 2001 (above). The Orsula made 3 visits to the Twin Ports that year, but has only been here once since. Built in China in 1996 as the Federal Calumet, it was renamed to Orsula in 1998. *submitted to the Duluth News Tribune for publication on 08-30-2004 … [Read more...]