The Olympic Mentor sat at anchor off the Duluth piers …

… between the Calliroë Patronicola (left) and the Rebecca (right) as the week before Thanksgiving began in Duluth Minnesota. The Olympic Mentor is waiting to load barley for Tunisia at both the Gavilon (formerly Peavey) and CHS2 (formerly Harvest States) terminals in the harbor. The Calliroe Patronicola is waiting to load durum wheat for Italy at CHS1 and the Rebecca is waiting to load durum wheat for Tunisia at CHS1.  The Federal Elbe is loading grain at Riverland (formerly Cargill) today. Seven more salt water ships are expected here by November 21st.

Olympic Mentor to come in from anchor

The Olympic Mentor is at anchor off the Duluth piers and will likely come into port to load spring wheat on Monday. Above, it is entering the harbor with a tug assist in August, 2003. On that visit, the ship had a crew of 24, 10 from Honduras, one from Russia and the rest from Greece. The ship is owned by a Greek company operating from Monte Carlo. It flies a Greek flag.
*submitted to the Duluth News Tribune for publication on 4/23/2006