American Courage makes 4th trip here this season

The American Courage was here for the 4th time this season on June 8th, loading iron ore pellets at the CN dock in West Duluth for Zug Island, Michigan. As you can see in the pictures here, she has now been painted with the  colors of her new owner, American Steamship.  She was originally named after Fred R. White, a man who started work as an accountant in the vessel operations … [Read more...]

American Integrity gets in line for coal

This has been and undoubtedly will continue to be a slow season, at least starting out. But that is not obvious in the Twin Ports this weekend. The American Integrity came in on Saturday morning for coal (above) but had to wait on the American Century and the John D. Leitch to complete loading their cargos of coal. The James R. Barker was expected to come in from anchor earlier this morning after … [Read more...]

See you next week, American Integrity

American Integrity captain Patrick Nelson was out wishing visitors to the Duluth ship canal a Happy Thanksgiving as he departed the port yesterday with a cargo of coal for Detroit Edison. He will bring the thousand footer back next Tuesday for still another load of coal for Detroit Edison. As of now, there are only four more trips scheduled for the American Integrity before its season ends. Photo … [Read more...]

Oglebay Norton at Midwest Energy

As you can see by the schedule on this page, we are going to have a big day for ship watching. Of course, we have known for a long time that 3 tall ships will be coming under the Lift Bridge today, but they are only a third, even if they are the prettiest third, of the traffic we will see today. It is a day made for digital cameras that can take lots of pictures at no cost, assuming there are … [Read more...]

American Integrity exits Twin Ports

It is harvest time and it appears this year that will mean a lot of salt water ships in port this fall. But not today. The American Century was expected in port just after midnight to load coal. That should mean it will be departing around noon, in time to leave the Paul R. Tregurtha an open berth at Midwest Energy Resources when it comes in around 6 pm. The Cason J. Callaway should be departing … [Read more...]

American Integrity departing Duluth

On September 7th, the American Integrity departed Duluth at 9:03 in the morning to take a load of coal to Consumers Energy's Cobb power plant at Muskegon, Michigan, located on the eastern shore of Lake Michigan. Milwaukee is just across the lake on the western shore. The boat ran aground just as it entered the harbor, in about the same place that the Indiana Harbor did the same thing a couple … [Read more...]

Vessel has identity crisis: American Integrity / Oglebay Norton

The American Integrity will be here today for the 21st time this year. On all of the visits, including today, it has loaded coal at Midwest Energy Resources in Superior. Most of the time, it takes it to Detroit Edison power plants in St. Clair, Michigan. Detroit Edison also owns Midwest Energy Resources and receives much of the coal loaded there, but significant amounts are shipped to several … [Read more...]

American Integrity departing Duluth as Oglebay Norton

Today, most of the traffic has already passed under the Lift Bridge or it will do so much later in the day. The American Integrity is the exception, expected out this morning, assuming it arrived as expected last night. The boat usually loads coal but today is loading taconite at the CN dock in West Duluth. The Algowood may have come and gone today by breakfast. It was expected in just after … [Read more...]

American Integrity from high above

The American Integrity should be here for its 11th trip of the season. As today, it has loaded coal at Midwest Energy Resources in Superior on each trip, taking it most of the time to Detroit Edison, as it will do again today. The round trip to Detroit usually takes about a week. Above, it is departing under the Lift Bridge last Thursday for Detroit so today, a week later, marks a usual turn … [Read more...]

American Integrity is A-OK

It has been a hard couple days for boat, crew and cargo on several boats doing business in the Twin Ports. The Dutch flagged Virginiaborg left Duluth on November 17th. By the time it arrived at the Soo Locks, a fire was discovered in both of the ship's two cargo holds. It was allowed to pass through the Soo Locks and then the smoking cargo, beet pulp pellets loaded in Duluth, was removed. The Paul … [Read more...]

Captain says hi from American Integrity

American Integrity Captain Patrick Nelson waves to the crowd as his boat goes under the Lift Bridge last August. At the top of his 1,000 footer, and just under the Lift Bridge, it is just as hard to see him in the picture above as it is when you are at the ship canal waving. Today will be the 35th time his boat has been here this season. On all those trips, the boat loaded coal at Midwest Energy … [Read more...]