3 Tall Ships leave Duluth for the next port on August 22, 2016

Above, the Pride of Baltimore departs under the Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge. Below, the Denis Sullivan is about to exit the ship canal; behind her, the US Brig Niagara is just out from under the Lift Bridge.

Ready to set sail

US Brig Niagara and Lynx behind DECC waiting for passengers
Saturday morning, July 16, 2011. A line forms to get on board the Niagara (foreground) as sailors from the ship untie the ropes (bottom-center). The Lynx is moored just behind the Niagara; she will board day-sailors soon after the  Niagara departs the dock at the DECC.  (click pic for larger version)
Brig Niagara tied up behind DECC in Duluth waiting for passengersLynx in foreground; Niagara behind her; waiting for passengers in Duluth Minnesota
Above left, the Niagara and on the right, the Lynx in the foreground and Niagara in back

Tall ships Niagara & Pride of Baltimore

prideniagara20110714_4395arrived in Duluth Minnesota on Thursday afternoon, July 14, 2011. They are two of the three tall ships here for the 2011 Duluth Music and Maritime Festival. The Lynx came in yesterday. Just outside the Duluth piers, the Pride of Baltimore follows the Niagara into port. By late afternoon, the Pride was tying up behind the Paulucci Building.


Flagship Niagara returns to Duluth

Flagship Niagara was in Duluth July 16-18, 2011 for  the Duluth Music and Maritime Festival. Watch pictures from past visits above.

Tall Ship Niagara still popular

The tall ship Niagara is the only one left but it will be moving around a lot before leaving later this afternoon. It is expected to leave port, presumably under the Lift Bridge, around 9 am this morning for a day sail and return early this afternoon. It is then expected to depart for a final time later this afternoon. Above, it is departing for a day sail on Monday. There are still lots of people around to watch it. In between the Niagara’s comings and goings, the John B. Aird will come and then go with coal and the Pineglen will go, with taconite fines. Photo taken on August 04, 2008
*submitted to the Duluth News Tribune for publication on 08-05-2008

Tall Ships greeted by huge crowd

The big news on Thursday was the arrival of the three tall ships, the Pride of Baltimore II, the Niagara and the Madeline. Next in line in the big news department were the thousands of people who lined every inch of the ship canal and especially the prime location on the porch of the Marine Museum just in front of the Lift Bridge. The view of the people from the Pride of Baltimore II (above) was almost as exciting as the view of us from the porch. The Madeline was just in front of the Pride and the Niagara follow behind the Pride. Photo taken on July 31, 2008
*submitted to the Duluth News Tribune for publication on 08-01-2008