The Joe Thompson turns into the CN dock

The tug-barge Joseph H. Thompson came in the Superior entry last night (September 28, 2011) at 10:32. The barge has a long and interesting history but the tug did the good stuff today. After pushing the barge next to the Graymont Dock to discharge limestone, the tug disengaged from the barge and went over to get fuel at the Murphy Fuel Dock. That finished, she returned to her other half, reconnected and after the discharge was completed, departed Graymont and moved up the St. Louis River early this morning and made her turn into the CN dock to load iron ore pellets.
Across the river, you see the sprinklers at Midwest Energy Corporation keeping the coal dust down. The start of their dock is at the left side of the picture. With gale warnings for Lake Superior, she may be in town a while even after her cargo holds are loaded. (Click pics for larger images and about the vessel.)

Your turn

Around 7:30 this morning (December 26, 2010), the James R. Barker (left) departed Duluth with 58,000 tons of coal for Minnesota Power at Taconite Harbor. The Walter J. McCarthy, Jr. (right) had spent a good part of Christmas Day waiting at the Murphy Fuel Terminal for the  Barker to finish. With the  Barker on her way out, you see the McCarthy moving away from the dock as she began the short trip to the Midwest Energy Coal Dock in Superior. Below, notice the black dots on the ice beyond the Barker. Those are fishing shacks. I myself do not like to be in a shack on the ice when I can see open water out the door. But then, I wasn’t born in Minnesota.
Mesabi Miner passes the Walter J. McCarthy as she departs Duluth