Miedwie here for spring wheat

johnziwickiMiedwie20130913_074414The Miedwie ended her maiden voyage in Duluth in September, 2010, loading a cargo of wheat for Belgium. She was back for more grain in December, was here twice the next year and once in 2012. This is her first visit this season; she is loading spring wheat at the Riverland Ag dock, formerly Cargill, in Duluth. The Polish owned and crewed ship will leave next week for Barcelona, Spain. These beautiful pictures were taken by John Zywicki. (click each for larger versions)

Last salt water ship of the season

The Nogat departed the Duluth harbor late in the afternoon of December 17, 2010. She is escaping for the winter and will spend the next two months in warmer parts of the world. She will likely resume working the Great Lakes sometime after April, 2011. The Nogat passed a pile of salt as she left that should help us get through the winter. She was the 103rd and last salt water ship of the season. Last year, we had only 64 salties here, a significant increase! Some of that  better showing resulted from a bumper crop of wheat in the Midwest and the shut down of wheat exports in Russia. The Miedwie (below) left the port about an hour earlier. Both ships are owned and operated by the Polish Steamship Company.