Medemborg arrives for bentonite

Medemborg makes her 10th trip to Duluth to load bentonite
medemborgnelsj20111014_6047The Medemborg arrived Duluth on Friday afternoon, October 14, 2011. This is her 10th visit to the Twin Ports since she was built in 1997, her first visit this season. She was here twice last year. She will be loading bentonite on this trip; in past trips, she has loaded beet pulp pellets and other grains. She was assisted by the Heritage Marine tug Nels J. seen below on her way to the Medemborg just after the ship came under the Lift Bridge; at left, she has moved closer.
I caught the Medemborg’s whistle as she came in.

Medemborg is first boat from ocean

The Medemborg was the first vessel to arrive in the Twin Ports this season after a full transit of the St. Lawrence Seaway. It came in on Sunday morning and is seen above at the General Mills grain terminal in Duluth on Monday morning. It is expected to depart sometime today with 8,100 metric tons of beet pulp pellets for Morocco. The third and fourth salt water vessels arrive on Monday, the Sabrina, loading wheat, and the Federal Schelde, iron ore pellets. All but the Sabrina are expected to depart today.
*submitted to the Duluth News Tribune for publication on 04-14-2009

Medemborg: First saltwater ship of 2009

Arrived: April 12, 2009 at 10:27 am
The Medemborg was the first saltwater vessel of 2009, coming under the Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge at 10:27 am on April 12, 2009, edging out the Federal Welland, who arrived 61 minutes later. The winner of the First Ship contest guessed 10:15 am, only 12 minutes earlier.
The Medemborg loaded 8,100 metric tons of beet pellets for Morocco. The pellets are a by-product of sugar beet processors in Western Minnesota and the Dakotas. The beet pellets are often used as cattle feed.
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Medemborg crosses finish line, first saltie of the year.


The Medemborg became the first vessel to arrive in the Twin Ports after a full passage of the St. Lawrence Seaway, coming under the Lift Bridge at 10:30 on Sunday morning,  April 12, 2009.

Medemborg loads beet pulp pellets

The Dutch flagged Medemborg will be here today for the sixth time since she was built in 1997. As she did on her one trip here last year, she will be loading beet pulp pellets, brought here by train from North Dakota. Beet pulp pellets, a by-product of sugar beet processing, is used for animal feed in Europe. Picture taken August 25, 2003.
*submitted to the Duluth News Tribune for publication on 05-10-2004