Maritime Trader arriving Twin Ports

The American Century should be back from a quick trip to Silver Bay to load coal for Detroit Edison power plants at St. Clair, Michigan. The Paul R. Tregurtha left last night around 6 pm to do the same thing. Both boats will be back next week, obviously in the same order, to load coal again for St. Clair, Michigan. The Walter J. McCarthy Jr. arrives later today to load coal, although not for Detroit Edison even though the boat is named after a former President of the company. The McCarthy will load coal for Ontario Power Generation at Nanticoke. Still, its usual destination is the Detroit Edison plant at St. Clair. That destination is not surprising since Detroit Edison owns Midwest Energy Resources in Superior where all the coal is loaded into these giant boats. The bright blue Maritime Trader, seen above coming into the port on June 18, 2006, will be here today for the 7th time this season.
*submitted to the Duluth News Tribune for publication on 11-15-2007

Maritime Trader in all her blue glory

The parade at the CHS grain terminal in Superior continues. On Wednesday evening, the Isolda was there loading grain. As it was departing on Friday afternoon, it passed the Canadian Provider coming to to take her place at CHS. Saturday evening, the Maritime Trader came into port (above) and shortly after that, the Canadian Provider departed the dock, making way for the Trader to take her place. The Maritime Trader had been at anchor while waiting for the dock to clear. It is a beautiful boat, newly painted in the bright blue colors of Voyageur Maritime Trading, who recently purchased the boat before it might have been sent to the scrap pile. At the time, in 2005, it was sitting at a dock in Goderich as a storage bin for some grain. Photo taken on August 04, 2007.
*submitted to the Duluth News Tribune for publication on 08-05-2007

Maritime Trader ceremony

Captain Jim Perkins brought his Canadian flagged Maritime Trader under the Aerial Bridge Tuesday morning a little after 7 am. He started his journey in Windsor, Ontario where the boat was laid up for the winter. He took a grain cargo to Quebec and then traveled the entire length of the St. Lawrence Seaway, in ballast, to become the first boat of the season to arrive in Duluth from the other end of the system. Of course, he was accused of bringing all the snow with him. Because of the snow, a planned ceremony on the boat was changed to the Port Terminal. Above, Bill Kron, the president of the Port Authority’s Board of Commissioners (left), presents Captain Perkins with a plaque highlighting his arrival in the Twin Ports as the first full passage boat of the season.
*submitted to the Duluth News Tribune for publication on 4/4/2007

Maritime Trader, first from beyond the Soo

Today, we celebrate the last first of the new season. The Twin Ports path to the Atlantic Ocean and the worlds beyond is the St. Lawrence Seaway System. The Canadian flagged Maritime Trader will be here today after traveling the full length of that system. (Above, it is about to enter the Duluth ship canal last June.) It will be loading grain at the Cargill grain elevator in Duluth. There really still is one more first this season and that should be happening this weekend when the Rebecca arrives. It will be the first salt water ship of the season. Last year, we had 137 such ships and 130 the year before. Yesterday, after many days of strong east winds that compacted a fair amount of the ice at the western end of Lake Superior up against the Duluth shore line, the wind changed direction and blew the entire ice pack away from Duluth, not that it won’t come back yet again this season.
*submitted to the Duluth News Tribune for publication on 4/3/2007 7:01:43 PM