Marietje Deborah departs Duluth

The Marietje Deborah lights up the place no matter what time of day she is traveling.

Blue Light Special in Duluth

The Marietje Deborah arrived from the anchorage on Sunday afternoon, November 11, 2012. A sister ship, the Marietje Marsilla, was here in June. Captain H.J. Danser was on that vessel and told us this one would be here later. Captain Danser is part owner,with Wagenborg Shipping, of both ships plus 3 others. All are named after his children who are often on board with him. His son is a relief captain in ‘his’ fleet. The ships come with hot tubs, pet dogs, a unique dining area in the pilot house, at the top of the ship, and much more. Take a look inside in the videos on the Marietje Marsilla page, linked to above.