Mayor Larson welcomes Captain Morosanu to Duluth

Duluth Mayor Emily Larson welcomed Lake Ontario Captain Costelus Morosanu to the city, congratulating him for bringing the first salt water vessel of the season into port on Sunday, April 2, 2017. While visitors were along to welcome the Captain and his crew to Duluth, longshoremen at Riverland Ag were loading 19,000 tons of spring wheat into the ship’s cargo holds (below). … [Read more...]

Lake Ontario first salt water ship 2017

The Lake Ontario came in from her anchorage off the Duluth piers at 5:39 pm on Sunday, April 2, 2017. With an assist from the tug Kentucky, she moved over to Riverland Ag/Duluth Storage on Rice’s Point to load grain. Before entering the St. Lawrence Seaway for Duluth, she discharged cargo at Halifax, Nova Scotia. Beginning Monday morning, she will load approximately … [Read more...]

Federal Manitou gets tug escort on entry

The blizzard, and particularly the high winds, has not been kind to the boats that were here for serious work or intending to be here. The line up yesterday for Midwest Energy extended out into Lake Superior. The John B. Aird dropped anchor yesterday close to Two Harbors. The Kaye E. Barker was at the Port Terminal and the American Integrity was farther out in the lake. The … [Read more...]

Lake Ontario arrives with “The Birds”

The wind died down and local longshoremen at AGP should complete loading the Lake Ontario today. The bright red salt water ship should be departing this afternoon, taking wheat, soy beans and flax seed to Ghent, Belgium. Above, the ship got an escort from local gulls as it entered the Duluth ship canal in October, 2002. The Pochard will be here today to load grain. Other … [Read more...]