L.L. Smith Jr. and young passengers

The L.L. Smith Jr. entered the Duluth ship canal on Thursday afternoon (above) with a bow full of 5th graders from the Bryant Elementary School in Superior. The Smith is a research vessel owned by the University of Wisconsin that provides environmental education programs during a 3 hour cruise in the Harbor, on the St. Louis River and out on Lake Superior. This was the second … [Read more...]

L. L. Smith Jr. cruises

After visiting Bayfield, Washburn, Ashland, Grand Marais and Silver Bay starting on June 16th, the research vessel L.L. Smith Jr. will depart Duluth today around noon and go to Two Harbors to host four 3-hour environmental cruises on July 10th, 11th and 12th. The boat is owned by the University of Wisconsin Superior. They, along with Minnesota Sea Grant, sponsor the program. Go … [Read more...]

L.L. Smith Jr. environmental research vessel

The L.L. Smith Jr., a research vessel owned by the University of Wisconsin, is used to provide environmental education programs around Lake Superior. During the school year, the Smith takes area school children on 3 hour cruises in and just outside the harbor. In the summer, they move out to other communities on Lake Superior where the cruises are open to the public. Today, … [Read more...]

L.L. Smith Jr. bound for Two Harbors

The L.L. Smith Jr.., a research vessel owned by the University of Wisconsin, has been taking groups on 3-hour environmental cruises on Western Lake Superior this summer. They will depart Duluth this afternoon for Two Harbors where 4 trips are planned from there. *submitted to the Duluth News Tribune for publication on 07-08-2004 … [Read more...]