Waves to the American Mariner

The American Mariner arrived Duluth on Friday, October 21st around noon. She is loading wheat at General Mills in Superior to take to Buffalo. She follows the path that the Kinsman Independent (now called the Ojibway) used to take for many years, keeping General Mills flour mills filled with wheat so they can make lots of Wheaties. Listen to her whistle and the Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge response. … [Read more...]

Voyageur Independent at grain dock

The Canadian flagged Voyageur Independent is due here today to load spring wheat at the Cargill elevator in Duluth. This boat came here many times when it was called the Kinsman Independent but trips to the Twin Ports have been rare since it was sold in May, 2005 to a Canadian company, Voyageur Marine Transport. It is now a very bright blue instead of the Kinsman's understated red. It was built in … [Read more...]

Voyageur Independent is blue!

The Canadian flagged Voyageur Independent came under the Lift Bridge on Monday evening at 9:24. The boat has done the same thing many times when it was called the Kinsman Independent but this is the first trip for the newly named, and re-flagged, Voyageur Independent. The Kinsman was painted red, the Voyageur, a bright and distinctive blue. It will begin loading grain this morning. They will take … [Read more...]

Kinsman Independent renamed again

The picture above of the crew of the Kinsman Independent was taken aboard the boat on December 12, 2002. This was to be the last trip for the boat, one more trip from Duluth to Buffalo with wheat for General Mills, then the scrap yard, or so we thought. After 3 years of sitting by several docks, some of those years spent simply as a storage bin for grain, it was purchased by a Canadian company. A … [Read more...]