Jumbo Spirit bound for Spain

Longshoremen at Lake Superior Warehousing and the crew on the Jumbo Spirit completed loading the ship with wind turbine blades Monday afternoon. They will likely depart the port for Spain later today. The last blades were placed on the weather deck or top deck. Each blade is fitted with two braces, one at each end. They were used to place and hold the blade on a truck as it arrived here and then … [Read more...]

Jumbo Spirit loads wind turbine blades

Last week, here in Duluth, the cargo hold of the Jumbo Spirit contained a reactor vessel and 2 transformers. They discharged the reactor vessel here and then went to Toledo to discharge the transformers. The ship came back to the Twin Ports on Saturday afternoon with empty cargo holds that are now being filled with wind turbine blades for Spain. You can see above the first three blades that were … [Read more...]

Jumbo Spirit gets frequent sailing miles

The Jumbo Spirit loaded a reactor vessel in Japan and came directly to Duluth to discharge it. That is the cylinder on the right side in the picture above looking into the ship’s hold. The object at the left, a transformer, was to be discharged in Toledo, a port they passed right by on the way here. The shipper (who pays the freight) for the reactor vessel wanted the trip to be direct to Duluth … [Read more...]

CG does Jumbo inspection

Jumbo Spirit captain Remko DeGreef (left) conferred with local Coast Guard MST 3rd class Robert Beeren (right) in the pilot house of the ship on Friday morning. (MST - Marine Science Technician). The Coast Guard was on board to conduct an extensive inspection of the ship's major systems. This was the last job on the ship for the captain on this trip. A relief captain arrived in Duluth on Thursday … [Read more...]