John D. Leitch arrives for pellets

The John D. Leitch arrived Duluth at noon on March 31, 2017. She will follow the Baie St. Paul loading iron ore pellets at the CN dock in West Duluth. It is the first trip of the new season for both Canadian flagged vessels. The Rt. Hon. Paul J. Martin will be the 3rd consecutive Canadian vessel to pick up pellets at the CN after she arrives later today. I like to see the … [Read more...]

Missed the bridge by seconds but phoned it in

  I have a really tough job. Every day in the summer I have to figure out how to cross the Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge to deliver my daily newsletter to my good friends (and advertisers) at the South Pier Inn. Or I should say, how to time my trip across so I can deliver the papers and get back before it goes up again.Today, Sunday, July 5, 2013, was not my best day for … [Read more...]

A cold day in Duluth for Cornelia

The Cornelia came in by way of the Superior entry at 6:41 this morning (November 23, 2013). This was the first really cold day in Duluth and the Cornelia certainly proves the point. I took a picture of her hull, above right,  coated with ice, courtesy of an 11 mph head wind from the North West with gusts up to 30 mph as she crossed Lake Superior yesterday. She was … [Read more...]

Leitch leaves salt; takes iron ore pellets

Sometimes, I just have to look out my windows and walk to work to find out what is going on, or at least what I think is going on. Take today (Wednesday, November 9, 2011). Or last night first, I looked out my window and saw the pile of salt that the John D. Leitch was discharging onto the ground at North American Salt Company on Railroad Street. … [Read more...]

John D. Leitch departs Twin Ports

The Canadian flagged John D. Leitch, seen above departing Duluth last May, is expected to arrive today for the 6th time this season. On each trip, as today, it loaded coal for Ontario Power Generation in Nanticoke. Before 2001, it was known as the Canadian Century. In that year, its cargo hold was enlarged when a new midsection was installed. It was then renamed to its current … [Read more...]