Algocen, J. W. Shelley together

Someone asked about the Algocen/J. W. Shelley today so I decided to update her ship page and design a collage with a little of her history. Click above for a larger version.

J. W. Shelley, former Algocen, is here

The J. W. Shelley came into port late Thursday afternoon on October 2nd, 2008. She is the former Algocen and was built in 1968

J.W. Shelley here for second time

In December, 2004, I wrote that the Algocen was making its last trip to Duluth. After leaving here on December 18th, it arrived in Montreal and was sold to a company called Recycling Technologies, not a good sign. It was then towed to New Jersey to be used as a spoils storage barge, also not a good sign. Just in the nick of time, it was then sold to a Canadian company and brought back to the Great Lakes, rehabilitated and most notably, repainted a very bright blue. Now sailing as the J. W. Shelley, it came back to the Twin Ports last night to load grain and had actually been here once earlier this year to do the same. Photo taken on October 02, 2008
*submitted to the Duluth News Tribune for publication on 10-03-2008

Algocen in Twin Ports harbor

Built in 1968, the Algocen has been here 40 times since 1996, and many times before that. However, today will probably be the last day we will see the Algocen here. The boat has been sold to an American company on the East Coast. It may make one more trip this season but it is probably too late for the boat to be back in Duluth. Captain Jens Hougesen has been the skipper since June, 1997 and many of the crew of 21 have served a long time aboard the boat. Photo taken on August 31, 2002.
*submitted to the Duluth News Tribune for publication on 11-27-2004

Algocen visits in autumn

The Algocen was built in 1968 and is operated by Algoma Central Railway of Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. The name comes from the first four letters of Algoma and the first 3 letters of Central. This is the boat’s 5th trip here this year, all of them coming after September 25th. Photo taken on November 20, 2002.
*submitted to the Duluth News Tribune for publication on 11-23-2004


The Algocen will be here today with a load of cement that it will discharge at the St. Lawrence Cement plant in Duluth. Above, it was doing the same when it was here in April, 2003. The Algocen loaded the cement in Mississauga, Ontario, just outside of Toronto. It is usually about a 4 day trip from there to Duluth. Photo taken on April 15, 2003.
*submitted to the Duluth News Tribune for publication on 10-31-2004