Sara Summers found the sun and the J.B. Ford

The Heritage Marine tugs Nels J. (at left below) and Helen H. (above and on the right below) escorted the J. B. Ford on her last trip on October 9, 2015, going from her long time layup dock in Superior to the Azcon scrapyard in Duluth. The three vessels made the trip with the just rising sun making good shots a challenge but Sara Summers, a Park Ranger at the Lake Superior Maritime Visitor Center (the Marine Museum at the Duluth ship canal), was up to the task, as these two shots demonstrate.

Last trip for the J. B. Ford


J. B. Ford to be towed to Azcon scrapyard in Duluth

Update: As of now (11:10 am, October 8, 2015,  the J. B. Ford is set to be towed from its current location to the Azcon scrapyard on Friday morning, October 9, 2015 sometime after 8:00 am. If that changes, I will update here.