Duluth Shipping News Stories #1

Relive visits from the Spar Opal, Vlistborg, Isa, Regina Oldendorff, Ira and Stefania 1 to Duluth

Isa finally comes in

With help from the tugs North Dakota (stern) and Kentucky (bow), the Isa finally came in from the anchorage to load grain in the early evening of  June 25, 2013.

Isa here for 16th trip

The Isa arrived in Duluth this afternoon (November 16, 2011) for her 16th trip here since she came here in August, 1999, on a long trip that started in Japan. The Isa was built in Chiba, Japan. After launch festivities, they left the shipyard for Fukuyama, where they loaded steel slabs and headed out to the Pacific Ocean, through the Panama Canal and up to Detroit. After a quick trip to Thunder Bay to load grain, they left for Casablanca where they discharged the grain before moving to Tunisia to load phosphate for Politza, Poland, only a few kilometers from the homeport of the ship, Szczecin. They left Politza to load steel coils in Holland for Cleveland and Chicago and then came to Duluth. As in that trip, she is loading grain today. Listen here for her whistle as she came under the Lift Bridge.
Listen to her whistle as she went under the Lift Bridge:

Isa and the big waves

Despite an east wind with gusts up to 32 mph on Sunday, the Polish owned Isa came into Duluth last night (above), seeming to have no trouble with the vigorous wave action all around it. It is now at the AGP elevator in Duluth loading soy beans and wheat for Northern Europe. Both the Pintail and the Algomarine should have arrived by first light. Photo taken on August 19, 2007.
*submitted to the Duluth News Tribune for publication on 08-20-2007

Isa enters Duluth shipping canal

The Polish owned Isa was built in 1999 and came to Duluth in August of that year but has only been back 7 other times, the last visit being in late October, 2004 (above). It is currently sitting at anchor and should be coming into load grain around 6 am Monday morning. Two other salt water ships should be coming in today: the Thekla will be here with steel coils and the Spar Jade is coming to load bentonite.
*submitted to the Duluth News Tribune for publication on 11-26-2006