Irma here for 17th trip

The Irma was launched from a shipyard in Japan on December 10, 1999. Above, she is arriving in Duluth 10 months later. I was so excited to visit the brand new ship that I took a lot of pictures, including this close-up of the ship’s new whistle (inset), complete with a green button to get it going. On her 2nd trip here, in August, 2000, she loaded steel coils in Europe that … [Read more...]

Irma departs Duluth with grain

The Polish operated Irma, seen above leaving port in May, 2002, came in at 8 am on Monday after spending a day or so at anchor off the Duluth piers. It is the 8th visit to the Twin Ports for the 655 foot long freighter that was built in 2000. It is now loading durum wheat most likely brought here from North Dakota. When they complete loading the wheat, probably later today, … [Read more...]

Polish flagged Irma here for 12th trip

The Polish owned and operated Irma will be here today for the 12th time since it was built in 2000 in Japan. It only made one trip in 2005 and only one in 2006. The ship has 6 regular cargo holds and it will be filling each hold with a different grain on this trip. Usually a ship will load only one type of grain, or perhaps two. The Irma is a modern ship with a lot of computer … [Read more...]


The Irma was expected to arrive off the Duluth piers last night and drop anchor, waiting to come in Monday morning to load both spring and durum wheat. It will then take the cargo to Morocco. Owned and operated by the Polish Steamship Company, it was built in 2000 and makes heavy use of computers. The ship uses an unmanned engine room, although an alarm will sound in the Chief … [Read more...]

Irma has four sisters

Today, we will have twin sisters from Poland passing each other. The Iryda will be arriving to load spring wheat for Antwerp, Belgium while the Irma (above) will be departing Duluth with spring wheat and peas for Barcelona, Spain. Launched in 1999, the Iryda is one year older than the Irma. Both ships are 655 feet long, 77 feet wide and each can carry 34,949 tons of cargo. … [Read more...]