Hollyhock arrives to assist Alder

We have three Coast Guard cutters in Duluth and no ice. It’s a good thing since the three ships are not in the best of shape. The Mackinaw arrived a couple weeks ago and is currently up on blocks in the Fraser Shipyards dry dock. The Coast Guard cutter Hollyhock arrived in Duluth on Wednesday (above). It was expected a little later since it has an appointment in the same dry dock after the Mackinaw gets out, probably late in June. It is here now to help the ailing Alder with some buoy tending. Both the Alder and the Hollyhock are Juniper class cutters, the Hollyhock was launched in early 2003; the Alder in 2004. The Alder will undergo repairs later this summer although the exact time and place have not been determined. Photo taken on May 27, 2009
*submitted to the Duluth News Tribune for publication on 05-28-2009

Hollyhock on training mission

The Coast Guard cutter Hollyhock paid a visit to Duluth, coming under the Lift Bridge last night at 5:47. On a training mission in Lake Superior, it will depart this morning, taking a northern route across Lake Superior to the Soo. Notably, the Hollyhock is an exact sister to the Alder, the cutter that is due here in late fall. The Hollyhock was launched in January, 2003, the Alder in February of this year. Both are 225 feet long.
*submitted to the Duluth News Tribune for publication on 08-11-2004