Nice ship, name could be better

This is the curiously named HHL Mississippi (HHL Duluth makes much more sense). It is here today discharging 6 transformers built in Germany, hllmississippi20130904-0021picked up by the ship in Antwerp and going from here to Alberta by rail.  So the ship is misnamed but the captain hails from Petrozavodsk, Russia, which is a sister city to Duluth. Many Duluth residents have visited his city. When he told me that, I was all set to make a bunch of calls and have a party but he told me the ship should be departing tonight. He may be back in a couple months with more transformers and I will be sure to have a welcoming party ready. He did not want me to take his picture but he would be happy to meet sister city people, and maybe even a reporter or two if he gets back in town.

HHL Mississippi at Port Terminal

The bright red HHL Mississippi arrived under the Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge Tuesday morning (July 16, 2013) at 8:30 with a cargo of electrical transformers built in Germany and picked up in Antwerp. She is discharging the equipment at the Port Terminal. The equipment, a total of 102 pieces, 4 of which are large transformers, will soon be loaded onto rail cars for transport to Alberta. Built in 2009, she made her first trip to the Twin Ports this past May when she loaded grain at the CHS terminal in Superior.

Two colorful salt water ships at the end of a nice spring day

Above, the BBC Florida waits at anchor to come in to load grain at Peavey/Gavilon in Superior. Below, the HHL Mississippi departs under the Lift Bridge after loading grain at CHS 2 in Superior. This was our first spring like day (May 7, 2013). We had two colorful salt water boats here to celebrate the season, both here for the first time.