Busy morning in Duluth harbor

The Isolda came under the Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge this morning at 7:10 and with the assistance of the tug Kentucky, went straight into the dock at Riverland Ag, directly across the Duluth harbor from the bridge. Twenty minutes later, the Herbert C. Jackson arrived, passing the Isolda on her way to discharge limestone. This is the first trip back to the Twin Ports since the Jackson left her … [Read more...]

American Integrity replaced by the Herbert C. Jackson.

Above, the American Integrity departed Duluth today (December 22, 2016) at 1:30 in the afternoon with 68,000 tons of coal loaded at Midwest Energy Resources. She will deliver a split load to Detroit Edison power plants at Monroe and St. Clair. This was her 31st trip to the Twin Ports this season; she made 30 trips last year. The Herbert C. Jackson came in this morning at 10:56 and is seen … [Read more...]

Jackson out and then back in

  The Herbert C. Jackson came into port on December 11, 2015 and went to Fraser Shipyard in Superior where Interlake Steamship’s last steam powered vessel was converted to diesel power (see below). This morning (September 22, 2016), under heavy fog, she departed Duluth at 10:19 (above) for her sea trials, necessary to make sure she is fit and ready to resume her cargo carrying duties. She … [Read more...]

Jackson to Riverland for grain

I woke up this morning (Friday, June 21, 2013) and thought I saw the Herbert C. Jackson backing down the Duluth harbor toward the Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge. I also noticed that the bridge was not going up. I later found out the Jackson came into port at 5:27 in the morning and went to the Calumet Fuel dock for fuel. Her destination was the Riverland Ag grain terminal (formerly Cargill) which she … [Read more...]

The Herbert C. Jackson brings coal to Duluth

The Herbert C. Jackson arrived in Duluth on May 17, 2013 with eastern coal to discharge at Hallett #5. She will then cross the St. Louis River and load western coal at Midwest Energy Resources to take to Presque Isle, in Marquette, Michigan.   The Captain on the Herbert C. Jackson, to the Coast Guard on channel 22A, around 2 am on May 12th 2013 … [Read more...]

Herbert C. Jackson arrives with coal …

The Herbert C. Jackson is here to discharge at Hallett Dock #5. She will then move a slip down the St. Louis River to the CN Dock to load iron ore pellets. Listen here to her whistle as she arrived today (October 26, 2011) … [Read more...]

Herbert C. Jackson arrives for grain

The Herbert C. Jackson arrived in port on Thursday at 7 pm (pictured). After taking on fuel at the Murphy Fuel Dock, it went over to the CHS elevator in Superior to load grain. The Jackson was built in 1959, a reminder of life on the Great Lakes before the thousand footers arrived. It is ‘only’ 690 feet long and was built with the traditional pilot house at the bow of the boat, meaning the captain … [Read more...]

Herbert C. Jackson draws a crowd

All roads lead to Nanticoke, Ontario, at least for three boats we expect to be here today. The Edwin H. Gott will be here to load taconite for Nanticoke, and both the Walter J. McCarthy Jr. and the Algolake are expected this morning to load coal for there also. All three should be able to complete loading their cargo and depart later today. When they are done, the Paul R. Tregurtha, the third … [Read more...]

Herbert C. Jackson brings ice

The Herbert C. Jackson is expected under the Lift Bridge around 6 am. It is bringing a cargo of limestone to the Northland Stone dock and will then move up the St. Louis River to discharge a cargo of sand at the Hallett 8 dock in Superior. Once that is complete, it will move next door to the Midwest Energy Resources coal dock to load about 18,500 tons of coal for the Shiras Steam Plant, operated … [Read more...]

Herbert C. Jackson arrives for coal

The Herbert C. Jackson arrived in port late Sunday afternoon (above). It is here to load about 18,500 tons of coal at Midwest Energy Resources to take to the Shiras Steam Plant, operated by the Marquette Board of Light and Power in Marquette, Michigan. This will be the 5th trip the boat has been to the Twin Ports this season. Last year, it was here 13 times. The St. Clair will depart before her … [Read more...]

Herbert C. Jackson at Aerial Lift Bridge

Today's shipping looks almost like it was planned. Arrivals and departures are spread out evenly throughout the day, for the most part. The American Mariner and the American Integrity look like they may have to fight for a spot at Midwest Energy Resources in the late afternoon. The first one here gets the berth. Out in the lake, they probably already know who will win that race since these big … [Read more...]