Hans Lehmann at Port Terminal

We have not had many salt water ships this season, but three of them, each launched last year, keep coming back. The Hans Lehmann will be back today for the second time this season. On the first trip in July (above), it brought wind turbine parts. It will load grain on this trip, coming after a lengthy cargo discharge in Chicago. The Asiaborg is expected to arrive here sometime in the next couple weeks after discharging cargo in Detroit and Burns Harbor. It will bring wind turbine parts on this trip, as it has on 3 previous visits this year. The BBC Maine was here in August and last week with wind turbine parts and it is expected to make one more trip with wind turbines parts this year. Photo taken on July 14, 2008
*submitted to the Duluth News Tribune for publication on 09-26-2008

Hans Lehmann starts and finishes in Spain

Spain is not usually the first country that comes to mind when we think of salt water traffic and the economy in Duluth but it might be moving up the list. The Hans Lehmann should be departing tonight with spring wheat for Spain. It loaded wind turbine parts in Spain that it brought here last week. This will be the first grain shipped out of the port in a while. This year, the salt water ships that have come to the Twin Ports have mostly loaded beet pulp pellets that are often taken to Spain where they are used as animal feed. Who would have guessed; wind turbines, animal feed and Spain. The Lehmann is the only salt water ship to arrive in the Twin Ports this month. It is the 25th salt water ship of the season; last year we had 46 arrivals by now and in 2006, we had 58. Harvest time is coming up and local officials are hoping for an improvement. Above, the Lehmann was at the Port Terminal last week.
*submitted to the Duluth News Tribune for publication on 07-18-2008

Hans Lehmann here for first time

The German owned and Gibraltar flagged Hans Lehmann arrived in the Twin Ports on Sunday evening at 7:40. Built in 2007, it is the ship’s first trip here. Inside the ship’s holds were 22 wind turbine nacelles loaded in Spain and destined for Iowa. Stevedores at Lake Superior Warehousing Company started Monday morning and should complete the discharge today. In the picture above, one of the nacelles is being lowered onto a waiting truck by both port terminal gantry cranes on Monday afternoon. The nacelles will be taken to another location at the port terminal until they can be reloaded onto trucks and taken to Iowa.
*submitted to the Duluth News Tribune for publication on 07-15-2008