Federal Yoshino arrives Duluth

The Lake Guardian will leave their moorings at the DECC around 2:00 pm for a harbor and river cruise with a group of teachers. The group will be back for dinner at the Aquarium before returning to the ship for the night. The ship, with the teacher group, will depart at 6 am on Wednesday morning for a 7-day cruise on Lake Superior, returning on July 14th to discharge the … [Read more...]

Mesabi Miner and Federal Yoshino

Wind affected all shipping on Tuesday. Looking out from the Rose Garden late Tuesday afternoon, the Mesabi Miner, above, background, was at anchor off the Duluth piers, waiting for the wind to die down while the Federal Yoshino (foreground) had just left the Duluth piers on its way to Spain with a cargo of wheat. In the early evening, the Mesabi Miner did come in and went to … [Read more...]