Four ships on their way to the Twin Ports

federalwelland210922-206It has been and probably will be a slow year for shipping in the Twin Ports, and in most ports around the world. We have yet to see a salt water ship this season, but we are about to see 4 of them, all of course coming full steam to win the first ship of the year contest. (Actually the person who guesses what time the first one arrives wins the prize.) The winning ship gets to be greeted by an assortment of port people who will present them with all kinds of good stuff and who will, it is hoped, be ablesabrina270613-1-015 to enjoy some exotic refreshment from the ship’s galley.  The Federal Welland is seen above left, at the AGP elevator in September, 2001. The Welland is the favorite to win now (Friday evening). The Sabrina is seen at right approaching the Duluth ship canal in June, 2007. The Medemborg (below) is also expected on Sunday; she will be loading beet pulp pellets. The Federal Schelde will not be here until Monday. She will be loading iron ore pellets at the Burlington Northern dock in Superior.


Federal Welland loading grain

The Ziemia Gornoslaska is due here this morning to load grain. This afternoon the Federal Welland arrives to load bentonite. Above, the Federal Welland is seen loading grain on a visit here in September, 2001. It is bright red. Today marks only the 4th visit the Federal Welland has made to the Twin Ports. The Ziemia Gornoslaska has been here 13 times since 1996. The Federal Oshima was expected in last night to load grain. There are only 3 more salt water vessels scheduled for the rest of the season at this time. The last salt water vessel usually leaves the port by December 19th, a week from today.
*submitted to the Duluth News Tribune for publication on 12-12-2006