Federal Saguenay gets new paint

Four thousand-footers will arrive in the Twin Ports today. Three will load coal and one iron ore pellets. The Federal Saguenay, flying the flag of the British West Indies, arrived in port on Monday morning to load grain. The picture above shows 2 deck hands doing a little painting while the ship was here in 2005 loading grain. Salt water ships are in almost constant need of painting because of the many narrow locks they have to pass through and the salt water the ship is usually sailing in. The locks scratch off the paint when the ship comes up against the side while going through and the salt water eats away at the metal. The Welland Canal is 80 feet wide; the Federal Saguenay is 77 feet wide. The trip takes about 12 hours, providing lots of time for the ship to bump against the side of the canal.
*submitted to the Duluth News Tribune for publication on 10-07-2008

Federal Saguenay inner workings

This is a view down the deck of the Federal Saguenay when it was in port last year loading durum wheat. It has been at anchor most of the weekend and probably came in to load grain very early this morning. In the picture, there are 2 spouts from the grain terminal hanging from the left over the ship’s cargo holds, pouring grain into the cargo hold. The big rectangular thing with the half circle on it is a hatch cover, folded up to allow the grain to go into the hold. In transit, the hatch covers are down and the deck flat.
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Federal Saguenay gets paint

Wherever you find sailors on a ship, you find painters, especially on salt water ships that come to Duluth. Their hulls get a double dose since they also have to go through a lot of very narrow locks between here and the Atlantic Ocean, narrow enough that banging against the side of the lock is a normal part of the process of going through them. Painting is also a ‘favorite’ pastime of sailors on the ships that anchor off the Duluth piers. In August, the Federal Saguenay was here and two crew members were painting the side of the very red ship with their very long paint brushes. Hopefully, some of that paint is still on the ship after 3 more months of salt water and Great Lakes locks.
*submitted to the Duluth News Tribune for publication on 11-08-2005

Federal Saguenay taking wheat

This bright red ship, Federal Saguenay, arrived Tuesday morning to load durum wheat. Her crew, all from India, should be departing Duluth this evening with durum wheat for Bari, Italy, on the east coast of Italy. Photo taken September 29, 2004.
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Federal Saguenay

The Federal Saguenay is very red and 656 feet long. It is here discharging steel coils, as it did in the picture above last December. When finished, probably later today, the ship will load grain before departing Duluth. Photo taken December 5, 2003.
*submitted to the Duluth News Tribune for publication on 09-18-2004