FedNav ships passing in the day

The Federal Power came in from the anchorage to take the place of the Federal Katsura loading wheat at CHS in Superior (Tuesday afternoon, September 4, 2012). The Federal Katsura will take her cargo to Italy. When the Federal Power finishes, she will carry wheat to Germany.

Three boats: two cargos – wheat & cement

On Tuesday, September 4th, at 4 in the afternoon, the Alpena was about to enter the Duluth ship canal on her 7th trip to the Duluth Superior this season, carrying as usual, a cargo of cement.
Just beyond her, the Federal Power has been at anchor for some days while she is waiting to come in and load wheat for Germany. This is her 6th trip to the Twin Ports since she was built in 2000; she was here twice in 2007, once in 2010 and twice last year. In 2007, she loaded chromium ore on the first trip and grain on the second. In August 2010, she returned to load grain at CHS 2 in Superior. In June 2011, she brought wind turbine parts that were later delivered by truck to wind farms in North Dakota and Iowa.
Just beyond her, the Federal Mackinac has just arrived at anchor. She is also waiting to load wheat; she will take her cargo to Northern Europe. This is her 3rd trip here since she was built in 2004.

Federal Power, a truck and a big wind turbine blade mold

The Federal Power brought wind turbine pieces from Denmark, arriving in Duluth on June 8, 2011. Top left, you see 3 wind turbine molds on the ship’s weather deck. At right, on Thursday, June 9, the Port Terminal’s 2 gantry cranes discharged them onto a special service truck (top right). Below, the truck slowly moved each piece out of the warehouse yard and made the wide turn onto the road that led them to the other side of the Port Terminal where they were carefully laid down. (Click any picture for larger version)
On Friday, work continued bring pieces from the ship’s cargo holds. Above, 3 hubs can be seen with one nacelle in the foreground and some of the 150   containers also loaded onto the ship in Denmark. Below, in the engine room, engineers did some work on the big diesel engine that powers the ship.

Federal Power passes under the Bridge

The Arthur M. Anderson will be here today for only the 3rd time this season. It is bringing limestone loaded in Cedarville, Michigan. After discharging that cargo at the CN Dock in West Duluth, it will move to Two Harbors and load taconite. The American Integrity is due mid afternoon to load coal as soon as the Algowood completes. And last night, the Federal Power came into port (above) and dropped its anchor opposite the AGP grain elevator where the Xenia was finishing up. That ship was expected to complete loading grain early this morning, so the Federal Power will likely be at the dock when the sun comes up. The Federal Power also was here in early May. Photo taken on June 26, 2007.
*submitted to the Duluth News Tribune for publication on 06-27-2007