Federal Mattawa crew to walk on solid ground

The Federal Mattawa has been at anchor off the Duluth piers since May 19th. She finally came into port to load grain on Tuesday evening, June 10, 2014. For more information about her long wait, go here. … [Read more...]

Federal Mattawa, why so long!

The Federal Mattawa has been at anchor off the Duluth piers since May 19th. With all other salt water vessels at the start of the season, she was delayed by ice and a pilot shortage when the season first began. She arrived in Montreal at the beginning of the St. Lawrence Seaway system on April 21. She made it to Hamilton to discharge some cargo on April 26. She left there on … [Read more...]

Have some ice with your salt water ships

We didn’t have a lot of ship traffic today (Memorial Day, May 26, 2014) but we had 2 salt water vessels sitting in the ice field just beyond the Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge. In back, the Federal Mattawa has been at anchor for over a week. In front, the Apollon had been at anchor for sometime. Then last Friday evening, she came in from the anchorage to load durum wheat for … [Read more...]

Happy Memorial Day from Duluth

Top, the Federal Mattawa waits in the ice to load grain. Likewise, just below her (in the picture) is the Greek owned Apollon (the officers are  Greek; the crew is from the Philippines). The Vancouverborg, below them, is getting the hell out, with a cargo of beet pulp pellets for Greenore, Ireland, a deep water port on the Irish Sea. The port is privately owned, the town … [Read more...]

Federal Mattawa loading grain at AGP

The Federal Mattawa came into port on Saturday morning at 7:22. It went to AGP in Duluth to load grain (above). Meanwhile, one slip over, the BBC Zarate was finishing a discharge of wind turbine parts from Denmark. It will wait for the Federal Mattawa to complete, probably later today and will then move over to AGP to load grain for a return cargo. *submitted to the Duluth … [Read more...]