Federal Danube discharges steel coils

The Federal Danube came into port at 6:13 on Sunday morning and went straight to the Port Terminal to discharge steel coils (above). Just to the left of the ship, you may be able to make out the field of white tubes across the slip from the ship. They are the wind turbine parts that have been discharged from several ships this year. They are waiting to be transported to a wind … [Read more...]

Federal Danube with steel coils

The Federal Danube is due here this evening with a cargo of steel coils to discharge at the Port Terminal before going to the Hallett Dock to load bentonite for Gdansk, Poland. The ship arrived in Montreal on April 28th, going into the Seaway to discharge coils at Burns Harbor before coming to Duluth to discharge the remaining coils. The Federal Danube includes sailors from … [Read more...]

Federal Danube enters Duluth ship canal

The Federal Danube arrived in Duluth on Wednesday afternoon to load durum wheat for Ravenna, Italy. The Federal Danube has a mixed crew that includes sailors from Poland, Croatia and the Philippines, among other nationalities. The ship and its crew are never really home in one place. Home is the world and the crew gets on and off at many different times and places. Today, a new … [Read more...]

Lake Ontario arrives with “The Birds”

The wind died down and local longshoremen at AGP should complete loading the Lake Ontario today. The bright red salt water ship should be departing this afternoon, taking wheat, soy beans and flax seed to Ghent, Belgium. Above, the ship got an escort from local gulls as it entered the Duluth ship canal in October, 2002. The Pochard will be here today to load grain. Other … [Read more...]