Federal Agno gets new crew in Duluth

Go back in time and join the crew flown to Duluth to replace crew members on the soon to arrive Federal Agno. They look at some of my pictures, visit the Marine Museum and answer visitor questions, then go wave to their ship as it came in; later they submit to a Coast Guard inspection. … [Read more...]

Crew change for the Federal Agno

Trading crews in Duluth While Duluth is an international port, we don’t have some of the usual things associated with an international port. After all, we are in Minnesota, just north of Iowa. For one, we don’t have any salt water. And most international ports don’t close down for the winter, one of the benefits of living in a salt water port. Ocean-going vessels come into … [Read more...]

Federal Agno loading at Hallett

About 20,000 tons of chromium ore, the last of one million tons originally stockpiled in Montana during the Second World War, was loaded into the Federal Agno yesterday at the Hallett Dock in West Duluth. The ore is now owned by a company in Sweden. For several years, 2 or 3 ships a year have been moving the pile from here to Sweden. There is only about 40,000 tons left at … [Read more...]

Federal Agno relief crew greets crew

The Federal Agno has been here 10 times since 1996 but did not make it here last season. This very bright red ship came into port Thursday evening and began loading grain on Friday morning. That had to stop fairly quickly because of the rain. If the rain goes away, it may be able to depart sometime late today. This ship was built as the Federal Asahi (1) in 1985 but has been … [Read more...]

Federal Agno flagged Filipino

The Federal Agno came into port on Sunday morning and slowly moved through the fog and up the St. Louis River to load bentonite. It should complete loading and depart Duluth today. Above, the ship arrived in Duluth on May 26, 2002 to load durum wheat. *submitted to the Duluth News Tribune for publication on 09-07-2004 … [Read more...]

Federal Agno crew waiting and waving

Captain Florencio Jampil, along with 5 fresh crewmembers, flew into Duluth from the Philippines to relive some of their shipmates aboard the Federal Agno. Here they are waving to crewmembers aboard the ship as it came into port yesterday. They joined the ship an hour later. *submitted to the Duluth News Tribune for publication on 05-16-2004 … [Read more...]

Federal Agno under the Aerial Lift Bridge

The Federal Agno should arrive late Saturday evening to load bentonite. This ship was built as the Federal Asahi (1) in 1985, but was renamed in 1989. It was not here last year, but made two trips here in 2002, and two trips also in 2000. Photo taken May 26, 2002. *submitted to the Duluth News Tribune for publication on 05-15-2004 … [Read more...]