The Fairlane officers and crew

The Dutch flagged Fairlane arrived in Duluth on Tuesday morning with heavy equipment. After discharging that cargo, they were scheduled to depart shortly after midnight this morning. During a break, the Captain and crew posed for a picture. First row: able seaman Quillermo Denampo Jr (Filipino), able seaman Victor P. Amponin (Filipino), cadet Nicolaas A Snijder (Dutch), welder Virgilio A. Pacturan (Filipino), 3rd mate Martin J. P Kalsbeek (Dutch) Second row: cadet Andrew J. Dudley (Canadian), Gp Steward Sisenando de G Vergara (Filipino), cook Fernando J. Jarino (Filipino), boatswain Ray D Daroy (Filipino), stewardess Maria Jose da Ponte Pacheco (Dutch) Third row: 2nd engineer Patrick L. G. Feddes (Dutch), chief officer Meindert F Schermer (Dutch), assistant engineer Jose M Chantre Lopes (Portuguese), 2nd mate Jeroen van Boheemen (Dutch), Captain Wilhelmus W. G. van Vugt (Dutch) Fourth row: Port Captain R. Dudley, able seaman Jerry Francisco (Filipino), able seaman Sergio Ortega Jr. (Filipino), O/S Albert G Diana (Filipino)
*submitted to the Duluth News Tribune for publication on 04-28-2007

Algosoo here for coal

Just when it was starting to look like we might not get so many visits from salt water ships this season, we are now expecting 7 of them in the next week. The Fairlane and the Irma should be arriving a little after the sun rises at 6:05 this morning. Both may make pretty pictures if you can get down to the lake in time. Ships often do not arrive on time, but the salt water ships that are set to arrive around 6 am in the morning often arrive on time since they set that time while out on the lake for convenience. Arriving at 6 am gives them an hour to tie up at the berth, and another hour to process customs and other legal paper work. Then they are ready to greet Duluth’s longshoremen and get on with the work of, in the case of the Fairlane, discharging heavy equipment and in the case of the Irma, loading grain. Above, the Algosoo was expected here just after midnight to load coal. That put her departure not too much after the two salt water ships arrive.
*submitted to the Duluth News Tribune for publication on 04-24-2007

Fairlane cargo moved by rail

The last of the very heavy pieces brought into port by the heavy lift ship, Fairlane, and discharged onto rail cars, was moved away from the dock at the Port Terminal on Friday morning to make way for the heavy lift ship Stellaprima. The Fairlane then departed Duluth while the Stellaprima, that had arrived Thursday evening, moved in to begin discharging its cargo. Both cargoes are destined for large oil sands projects in Alberta.
*submitted to the Duluth News Tribune for publication on 11-19-2005

Fairlane brings big stuff

A double stacked exchanger was taken off the heavy lift ship Fairlane on Tuesday afternoon at Lake Superior Warehousing Company at the Port Terminal. It is one of many very large pieces that will be discharged from this ship and the soon to arrive Stellaprima. This piece was placed on a rail car next to the ship and is part of a train that will move the pieces up to Northern Alberta.
*submitted to the Duluth News Tribune for publication on 11-17-2005