Edward L. Ryerson

The Edward L. Ryerson was moved this morning from her berth at Fraser Shipyards by two Heritage Marine tugs, the Nels J. on her stern and the Helen H. on the bow. Below, they are moving under the Blatnik Bridge and out of Howard’s Pocket. At the far right is the John J. Boland, still residing at the shipyard.
Above and below, the Helen H. is handling the difficult job of maneuvering the boat between two bridge supports
They pulled the Ryerson from her slip at Fraser, stern first. Here they are starting to turn her around so they can bring her into her new home bow first.
From Google Earth, we see the short route taken. The tugs pulled the Ryerson away from her slip at Fraser Shipyards, under the Blatnik Bridge, around CHS and into the CHS slip, at the Barko Hydraulics, just across from CHS. 
Above, we are looking from behind the CHS elevator. Below, the tugs are bringing her into the slip bow first. The CHS towers are now on the right.
Above, the Ryerson bow is secure to the dock and the lines from the Helen H.  have been taken up. At the stern of the boat, the Nels J. is still connected and is pulling the stern of the Ryerson toward the Barko Hydraulics dock, her new home.
Below, the Helen H. is now gently helping to move the whole boat next to the dock while the Nels J. is still pulling the Ryerson toward her new dock.
The Nels J., no longer connected by rope to the Ryerson, moves to the side to help the Helen H. move the boat closer to her dock, where line handlers on the other side will tie her securely to the dock.
Almost done! While the Helen H. pulls away and prepares to go home, the Nels J. is still providing a little push to the Ryerson.
Mission accomplished; time to go home; I am exhausted


… as of Wednesday, January 17, 2011

Winter layup in Duluth

The Adam E. Cornelius, American Victory and Edward L. Ryerson have been in port for an extended layup. The H. Lee White arrived in port for winter layup on January 4th, 2011. The American Spirit arrived here for layup on January 12, 2011 and the Roger Blough arrived on January 14th.

Both the American Century and the James R. Barker came in on the morning of January 17, 2010; the American Integrity arrived on January 18th.

The John G. Munson arrived on Wednesday morning  January 19, and is the last arrival for layup for the winter. Weather will not allow the American Mariner to be as originally expected. You can check the schedule page at www.duluthboats.com for up-to-date information.

Soo Locks

According to the Cheboygan Daily Tribune, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has granted a request from the Lake Carriers’ Association to extend the closing date of the Soo Locks for three days. The Poe Lock will officially close for the season on Tuesday, January 18th so that low inventories of iron ore pellets could be replenished to meet the wintertime needs of industry. The locks traditionally close on January 15th each year.

bridgepainting20100224_1581Bridge painting

The Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge will close at 6 am on Friday, January 14 so that the south tower can be painted (the North tower was painted last winter. See picture at left). That means all traffic after the 14th and until the end of the season (defined as the time that the last boat arrives in port) will use the Superior entry to access the port. It is anticipated that the bridge will reopen for traffic at 10am on March 14th.

Watch paint dry!!

You can still watch the paint dry, or at least watch the tent that covers the bridge paint while it dries, at our live 24/7 web cam at www.duluthshippingnews.com/dsntv

I may find something even more interesting that paint drying before the winter is over!


On Monday, the list of boats in the harbor for layup added one and then lost another. The Edward L. Ryerson came in for layup (above) just before noon on Monday. This reflects the bad economy especially within the steel industry. The Edgar B. Speer came into port on April 27th and has been at the Hallett # 5 dock for temporary layup including bow thruster repairs. It moved over to the BN dock to load iron ore pellets on Monday evening. Photo taken on May 18, 2009
*submitted to the Duluth News Tribune for publication on 05-19-2009


edwardlryerson20090518_5763 The Edward L. Ryerson arrived in Duluth at 11:30 am on May 18th, 2009 (above). She will be going to Fraser Shipyards later today. They are waiting at the CN dock in West Duluth (1:32 Monday afternoon)  until the St. Clair can be moved at Fraser, allow the Ryerson to make her berth. That is expected to happen later this afternoon.


Ryerson departs with iron ore pellets

April 22, 2009

Above, the Edward L. Ryerson departed Duluth late morning with iron ore pellets. Below, earlier in the morning, the James R. Barker eased under the Lift Bridge on her way to Marquette, Michigan with a cargo of coal for WE-Energies. She has about 58,000 tons with her.

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Edward L. Ryerson here for 2nd trip

April 21, 2009

The salt water vessel Persenk arrived and dropped anchor off the Duluth piers on Monday. The Maltese flagged ship was expected to come into port last night to load grain at CHS in Superior. This is only the third trip this ship has made to the Twin Ports since 1996. It was here once in […]

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Edward L. Ryerson may leave today

April 11, 2009

Sometime this morning, 3 salt water ships will be through the Soo Locks and on their way to the Twin Ports. They will all arrive on Sunday, just about the same time in April that the first saltie has arrived for the last several years. Last year, the Gadwell started us off, arriving on April […]

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Edward L. Ryerson at last winter’s layup

November 4, 2008

The Edward L. Ryerson is usually greeted with great joy when it comes to Duluth Superior since many consider it the prettiest boat in the US fleet. It is expected here sometime today, but most are not very happy about it. It had an extended layup between 1998 and 2006 for lack of work and […]

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Edward L. Ryerson arrives Superior

October 17, 2008

The Edward L. Ryerson was expected in port very early this morning. Many consider her the prettiest boat on the Great Lakes. This will be the 24th visit this season for the Ryerson and on each trip, it has loaded iron ore pellets at the Burlington Northern Santa Fe ore dock just inside the Superior […]

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Ryerson unusually arriving Duluth

August 12, 2008

The Edward L. Ryerson will be coming into port by way of the Superior entry to pick up a load of iron ore pellets at the Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF) dock, just inside the entry. This will be the Ryerson’s 16th trip to the Twin Ports this season. Ten times it came in Superior […]

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Edward L. Ryerson comes in Duluth entry!

April 6, 2008

Bad news for the owners of the Edward L. Ryerson can sometimes be good news for boat watchers at the Duluth Ship Canal. The Ryerson made an unexpected stop in the Twin Ports on Saturday afternoon to get some minor repairs at Fraser Shipyards in Superior. It came under the Lift Bridge with one of […]

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Ryerson even prettier now with new paint

March 26, 2008

After wintering at Fraser Shipyards (above), the Edward L. Ryerson was expected to depart the shipyard around 4 am this morning to go down the Superior channel to Burlington Northern to load iron ore pellets. After spending the winter layup in the dry dock at Fraser Shipyards, the Canadian flagged Frontenac is also expected to […]

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Ryerson here for winter layup

January 8, 2008

The Edward L. Ryerson came under the Lift Bridge late Monday afternoon (above) for winter layup. It is the first of an anticipated 12 boats that will spend the winter in the Twin Ports. It almost became the first boat in December, but at the last moment, more work was found for the boat. It […]

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Ryerson at Superior entry

January 7, 2008

Many think the Edward L. Ryerson, seen above after entering the port via the Superior entry in August, 2006, is the prettiest boat on the Great Lakes and this year the Twin Ports are honored to provide it a winter home. The arrival of this boat for winter layup has been predicted before and the […]

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Ryerson enters Duluth ship canal

December 3, 2007

Ships coming to the Twin Ports have been loading beet pulp pellets for Spain for many years. Arriving here by train from North Dakota, the pellets are used in Europe for animal feed, This year, several ships have loaded wind turbine blades in Duluth and taken them to Spain. Until today, no ship has loaded […]

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Ryerson graces Fourth with Duluth visit

July 5, 2007

I certainly wish no evil intent toward the Edward L. Ryerson, a boat that many around the Great Lakes consider the prettiest boat now in operation. It was laid up in 1998 and many thought it would never sail again but increased need for taconite gave new life to the boat. It made its first […]

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Ryerson in the Superior channel

May 20, 2007

The Edward L. Ryerson was waiting at anchor off the Superior entry yesterday for the wind to die down so the Mesabi Miner could get away from the dock at Burlington Northern and depart. Presumably, that has happened and the Ryerson is now loading taconite. But this is not your every day taconite; it is […]

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Ryerson arriving Duluth ship canal

November 12, 2006

The port had an unexpected arrival on Saturday (above), the Edward L. Ryerson, a boat many feel is the prettiest on the Great Lakes. It is here for repairs at Fraser Shipyards. When that is complete, it will move down the Superior channel to the Burlington Northern dock to load taconite. That has been its […]

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Ryerson captain makes popular decision

September 4, 2006

Before yesterday, the Edward L. Ryerson had not come through the Duluth piers since May 17th, 1998. It was on its way to the Burlington Northern Taconite Facility in Superior when Captain Eric Treece realized he would have to wait for the CSL Tadoussac to clear the berth. He diverted to the Duluth entry, much […]

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Edward L. Ryerson

August 9, 2006

The Edward L. Ryerson will be here today loading taconite at the Burlington Northern Taconite Facility in Superior. It was last here in May of 1998 and that arrival was a big event since it had not been here for some time. And, until this morning, it had not come back. Seven months after that […]

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