Kaye E. Barker makes short runs

The Kaye E. Barker departed Duluth on Friday afternoon (above) with a cargo of coal for Taconite Harbor. It will be back this afternoon to load coal again, this time to take to Marquette, Michigan, on the south shore of Lake Superior. It will be the 16th trip to the Twin Ports the Barker has made this season, more than double the number of the last 10 years. Many of those … [Read more...]

Kaye E. Barker enters icy Duluth canal

Winter weather is not kind to ship arrival and departure times. It is a little early for ice problems but two boats expected yesterday should be here today instead (the Kaye E. Barker, seen above entering the Duluth piers last December, and the Canadian Olympic). The St. Clair was expected back from Silver Bay to load another cargo of coal for Silver Bay, but instead it left … [Read more...]

Kaye E. Barker and bothersome ice

It has been a slow couple days for shipping activity in the Twin Ports. Most everything stopped when high winds and ice created less than ideal conditions in the harbor. Often the hardest part of the job coming in to load cargo in conditions like that is getting close enough to the dock. As a boat moves close to the dock, any ice between the boat and the dock can get stuck … [Read more...]

Kaye E. gets visit from Captain’s family

Captain Greg Sipper brought the Kaye E. Barker under the Lift Bridge on Thursday afternoon at 3:30. One hour later, his wife Emily and son Joel joined him in the pilot house on the boat (above) while the boat was refueled at the Murphy Oil Fuel Dock. Along with daughter Katie who joined them later, the Sipper family resides in Hermantown. Greg was born in Duluth and graduated … [Read more...]

Kaye E. Barker likes Duluth winters

The Kaye E. Barker doesn't get here very much although it spent the winter here last year. For some reason, as you can notice from the picture above, taken on January 23rd, 2004, this boat seems to favor Duluth in the winter months. Of 6 trips here in 2006, 4 of them were in November and December and of 6 trips in 2005, 4 were in December, January and March. The Kaye E. Barker … [Read more...]