Daniella cargo now on trucks and train

The Daniella departed Duluth on Monday after discharging 93 pieces of cargo destined for oil sands projects in Alberta and a refinery in Billings. All the Alberta cargo will go there by truck. The largest piece, a 405 ton reactor vessel, departed Duluth on Wednesday afternoon by train for Billings (above). Photo taken on August 06, 2008
*submitted to the Duluth News Tribune for publication on 08-07-2008

Daniella brought very heavy stuff

The Jumbo Company’s Daniella, a heavy-lift vessel, was in town this past weekend although the tall ships got more attention. The Daniella was discharging very large pieces of equipment for several construction projects. The above piece, a 405 ton containment vessel loaded in Kobe, Japan, was taken off the ship on Sunday. It it being placed (above) onto a special double rail car that will shortly leave for a ConocoPhillips refinery project in Billings. It is a hydro treatment reactor, a pressurized vessel that, along with high temperatures and an added catalyst, can extract sulfur from crude oil, providing a cleaner end product. Carl Siroky, the project manager for ConocoPhillips in Billings, was in town overseeing the cargo transfer. He described it as an EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) regulation driven project. Photo taken on August 03, 2008
*submitted to the Duluth News Tribune for publication on 08-04-2008

Daniella cargo for Alberta

The Daniella will be here today with 14 crates of parts and one 193.4 metric ton high pressure container. Built in Italy, they will be discharged at the Port Terminal to railroad cars before being transported to Fort McMurray, north of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. There they are used in a massive oil sands extraction project.
*submitted to the Duluth News Tribune for publication on 12-01-2004