The Coast Guard and community remember a hero

The ceremony to recognize the anniversary of the Coast Guard rescue attempt by Boatswain’s Mate 1st Class Edgar A. Culbertson was held on Thursday afternoon, April 30, 2009.
Above, a combined Duluth Police Department and Coast Guard honor Guard starts the ceremony off. Below, members of the Coast Guard watch over the tribute.
Above left, Commander M. P. Lebsack, Captain of the Port of Duluth, welcomed everybody; at right, Captain Edward Montgomery spoke for the local Shipmasters Association in Duluth.
Above, police officers, members of LEMA, the Law Enforcement Memorial Association. Below, the Lift Bridge is raised in tribute.
Below, from left, Captain Tom Mackay receives an award of appreciation from Commander Lebsack, a Lema bugler and Ray Culbertson, brother of Edgar A. Culbertson, offers a family’s gratitude as an appropriate conclusion to the ceremony.3smallcgpics20090430-580