Japan to Duluth and now to Alberta

Last night (Monday, May 7, 2012), one of the three large pieces discharged from the Clipper Gemini was slowly moved into place to become part of the train being built to leave for Alberta later today. All three pieces, each on three separate cars,  will be connected to make the train.

Discharging the Clipper Gemini

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The first of 3 turbine/generator components was discharged from the Clipper Gemini on Sunday morning, May 6, 2012. Click any image above to see a larger version.

Clipper Gemini arrives in Duluth

Weather delayed the arrival of the Clipper Gemini in Duluth until late afternoon on Saturday, May 5th, 2012. We waited for her but her crew waited a lot longer. For her maiden voyage that ended here in Duluth today, she was loaded in and left Kobe, Japan, on Feb. 23, 2012. En route to Duluth, she at stopped in Xingang, China; Songkhla, Thailand; Singapore; the Suez Canal; Gibralter; Poole, UK; and Hamburg and Rostok, Germany and then across the Atlantic and through the St. Lawrence Seaway. She made one stop in Valleyfield, Quebec before arriving in the Twin Ports.
She brought a cargo of gas and steam turbine/generator components for a large electricity generation project for the ENMAX Shepard Energy Centre in Calgary, Alberta. From Duluth, the cargo will move its final leg via specialized railcar and truck.
The cold weather did not stop this wedding party from greeting the ship as she came in. A large wedding party was just behind her as she ran through the Museum entry way to get to the piers. Hopefully, some of the crew were out and noticed the attention.
Just above, she turns into the Duluth harbor on her way to the port terminal to discharge her cargo which includes natural-gas fired turbines weighing about 735,000 pounds and are the equivalent to a 4-story building in length.